New Safety Tools for Creators to Say Goodbye to Instagram Spammy Followers

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Instagram New Safety Tools for Creators 

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram has an issue with spammy accounts and followers. It has implemented various measures to combat spam but they were not that successful. 

But the platform announced recently that it would soon filter follow requests from spammy accounts into a separate inbox. From there, you can choose which ones to approve. You can bulk delete the rest of the requests that you think are spammy. Instagram may also suggest that some accounts are inauthentic. You can delete them as well. 

“We know that, as a creator, engaging with your community energizes and motivates you, but having to spend time deleting spammy comments from your posts or removing fake accounts from your followers can be a drag – and more time spent moderating your account means less time interacting with your fans.” — Instagram

When the tool becomes available, you can see a new tab with a potential spam label. Go to that tab and you can start deleting the follow request. Or you can accept or delete them. Instagram will also automatically delete them after 30 days if you do not act. 

Do not worry because these individuals will not know that they have been deleted from your list. If you have existing followers flagged as potential spam accounts, they, too, will be filtered into a separate inbox. 

Posts that are deemed spammy cannot tag accounts until the user approves them. Bulk deletion is also applicable here and auto-deletion can happen after 30 days. 

Currently, the platform hides offensive comments. However, Instagram says it will offer Advanced Comment Filtering to filter more spam. Plus, you can check out the hidden word tool to conceal any offensive comments or message requests. 

To further limit interactions with potential spam accounts, Instagram will ensure that their posts will not appear on Stories. 

As a creator, you can find out if your activity is labeled as spam, whether it is done intentionally or not. You will be notified through the app if your content potentially violates the platform’s policy. However, the app will not show the content to non-followers. You can make changes or remove the possible offending content. 

Spammy Accounts on Instagram and Other Platforms

Instagram and other platforms struggle to fight against spammy accounts. They exist for various reasons. The main reason is to make money. They engage in fraudulent activities and promote scamps. These accounts also attempt to drive traffic to sites that generate revenue through ads or affiliate marketing. 

Some users also purchase fake followers to artificially boost their follower count. This can create a façade of popularity or influence. This can potentially attract more genuine followers. 

Spammers use automated bots to perform various activities on Instagram. They can create fake accounts, follow users, like posts, and leave generic comments. Automated activities allow spammers to scale their efforts and reach a larger audience quickly. 

Spam accounts might engage in activities like “like for like” or “follow for follow” schemes within engagement posts. Instagram invests heavily in resources to develop algorithms and tools to combat spam. Hopefully, the upcoming tool will finally put an end to these spammy accounts.

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