Instagram rolls out two new US Election Day stickers for voters


Elections serve as an avenue to make your voice/vote heard—it presents an avenue to change or retain the current people in power. That said, it is not one of those periods in the life of a nation when people vote without proper deep-thinking—it is always a serious affair. However, you can also have fun while getting involved in the process of electing the candidate of your choice—and Instagram is ensuring that is the exact case. Instagram is adding two new ways for people in the US to share their voting excitement on the platform.

Two new stickers—“I Voted” and “We Voted” have been launched by the picture-sharing app. The stickers have now been added to your stories bar, and add to the creative abilities of users on the platform.

Users will from this Sunday have the opportunity to express themselves even more with the two new stickers. Specifically, the “I Voted” sticker can be added to your selfie taken from the camera. If your phone language is set to Spanish, what you will see instead of the “I Voted” is “Yo Vote” version. Your friends can tap the sticker in your story to find their polling location via a nonpartisan site called Get to the Polls.


On the day of the election—November 6th, you will see a “We Voted” story at the front of your stories bar when several of your friends post a story with the “I Voted” sticker. When you tap the “We Voted!” story, you will see your friend’s voting excitement in a single place.

This functionality is new to Instagram, and provides a way for you to see the people you follow share a moment together in Stories. We’re excited to bring this feature to the community in new ways in the future,” Instagram wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

It is also being reported that Instagram is working on Countdown Stickers. Reliable tech expert Jane Manchun Wong tweeted this on her Twitter page on Saturday. The sticker according to Wong, will give you the chance to name it, set the end date/time or, make it all day.


Instagram recently announced that it is getting SoundCloud integration that will allow you share tracks to your stories. SoundCloud integration into Instagram Stories will let fans and artists to promote their music through the feature. The caveat here is that users will not be able to actually share their music via Instagram as the tracks can only be shared as links that appear within Stories.

SoundCloud integration will also make it possible for your fans and followers to listen to your song and offer their feedback. So, what you get in the end is actually more than just a big coverage, you also get to hear people comment on your song.

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