Instagram now allows you to switch off profile image expansion

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A new way to stop creepers from expanding the image on your profile is rolling out on Instagram. With this, it will be difficult for people who view your profile to enlarge your image once the feature is activated.

You can now turn off profile image expansion in your Instagram profile settings thanks to a new feature that Matt Navarra shared in a Thread. Using this tool could be an additional layer of protection for your account against users who might try to view your profile picture.

Why is this important? The fact that people could use your profile pictures for things that are not legal is one of several reasons to switch off image expansion. Online impersonation is on the rise, and one way to curb it is to prevent image expansion.

In other news, Instagram users can now download publicly posted reels in the app. It has been a couple of months since the option to download public reels was launched for US users.

Reels that are publicly posted will automatically be downloadable, but creators have the option to disable this if they would rather that no one steal their footage.

To download a public reel, a creator would have enabled the feature. To know whether a reel is available for download, you will see a new “Download” option in the “Share” display section.

All downloaded Reels images will have an Instagram logo as well as the creator’s IG overlaid on the clip.

The rationale behind this is fairly clear: it will prevent spamming and promote Reels, particularly on TikTok, where I imagine some of these clips will eventually appear.

According to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, the option to download public Reels is now available to all users.

Instagram users can now download publicly posted Reels clips

Back in July, Instagram launched new templates to make it easier for users to create engaging reels. 

Instagram rolled out a new template browser that allows users to sift through templates by category. Users can browse templates according to recommendations and the latest trends. 

Templates allow you to create a reel by reusing elements from another reel you love. Simply drop in your own videos and photos to save time and put your own creative spin on a reel. 

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