Instagram now allows you to post GIFs in comments

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Instagram has updated its comment section with a new feature that allows you to post GIFs. The announcement was made in a Broadcast Channels chat by Adam Mosseri held with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mosseri, in the chat announced that you can now post GIFs in Instagram comments. Depending on the way you see this new update, this could either get you upset or excited; but does it really change anything?

You can now search and share Giphy GIFs in the comment stream, which provides another way to reply to an Instagram post. The update is now available on the Instagram app, and accessible to all users.

In other news, Instagram is reportedly working on its own generative AI. Generative AI also known as ChatGPT has taken the social media by storm, and the Meta-owned app does not want to be caught napping.

According to reliable @alex193a, the social media is working on the ability to generate custom stickers using AI. With the feature, you will be able to create your own stickers. This will be made possible when you enter a phrase which will then generate custom stickers using generative AI.

This is probably for a future release; with exact date not known. That said, it would be nice to have a feature that helps you generate customs stickers on Instagram.

In April, Instagram rolled out a new update that allows you to add up to five links in your IG bio. This update will give users more avenue in terms of driving traffic, which has been in hot demand for a while.

The update will make it easier for creators and other users to highlight their passions, bring awareness to causes they care about, promote brands they love, showcase their personal business, and more,”  Instagram said.

After posting or adding a link, your Instagram profile bio will now display how many links you have left, via linking profile. When users tap on it, they will then get a Linktree-like overview of the various link options that you have enabled.

To add multiple links to your IG profile, simply head to ‘Edit profile’ > ‘Links’ > ‘Add external link’. From there, you can then drag and drop to order your links as you’d like them to appear in the app.

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Author: Ola Ric

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