Instagram Live Testing Pinned Grid Posts

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The feature is similar to pinned tweets.

Pin Images on Instagram Profile 

For a while now, Instagram has been hinting at a feature that allows you to pin certain posts to your profile. Currently, it’s in the testing phase, according to Tech Crunch. Some users are seeing the feature on the platform. 

Users who can already access it will see an option to “Pin to your profile.” Just go to the three-dot menu next to your post. 

This can be a welcome feature for many users who wish to highlight their favorite posts. Instead of re-posting them, they can just pin them. Older posts are buried farther down in the photo grid. This is a useful feature for many creators who post every day or frequently but don’t want some of their posts to be buried down. 

Pin Stories 

Users can pin their Stories to their profiles. However, the upcoming feature expands the ability to post. The new feature will make pinning a lot easier than highlighting a post in a Story. 

This new feature has been spotted in January by Alessandro Paluzzi

An Edit Grid option is also in a testing phase. It would allow you to re-arrange the profile gallery, regardless of when you posted them. 

The platform has not provided the date as to when it would roll out widely. However, since it’s already in the testing phase, this feature could be coming soon. 

Removing Recent Tab 

A week after Instagram announced that it would remove the Recent tab, the social media platform confirms pinned posts. When you choose a hashtag, you are directed to a page where you can see posts posted using that hashtag through Top, Recent, and Reels. With the removal of the Recent tab, users can see the Top and Reels tabs on hashtag pages. 

The Recent tab removal is a way for the platform to promote Reels. It also wants to focus on posts that have gotten the most engagement on Instagram. 

TikTok, on the other hand, has already pinned videos feature. Users can pin the videos they wish to highlight on their profiles. With it, creators can spotlight the most vital videos or information. 

Social media it’s not going anywhere. It’s pretty obvious. As time goes on, it has become a bigger part of our lives. Around the world, more and more users are using social media. 

Encouraging Users to Post More

With the new pinned grid post feature, many creators are more encouraged to use Instagram. Compared to TikTok, Instagram is still the more popular app. TikTok, for instance, has over 700 million active users a month. But Instagram has amassed 1 billion active users. 

Even though TikTok is gaining in popularity, Meta’s Instagram is still more popular when it comes to user base and interaction. Thus, as an advertiser, it’s best not to concentrate on TikTok influencers. Rather, Instagram deserves your attention, too. 

This is especially true if you wish to attract a more diverse audience. However, if you want to tap into the Asian market, TikTok is worth a try.

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