Instagram Link Stickers: All Users Can Now Share Links

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But users can only share links in Stories. 

Introducing Instagram Link Stickers

On Wednesday, Instagram announced that all users can now access Link Stickers in Instagram Stories. Recently, the company removed the swipe-up link in Stories and opted for the new Link Stickers. 

Swipe-up link used to be a popular feature on Instagram. It allowed high-profile creators and popular businesses to direct their viewers to a website to find out more about a product or read an article. 

Instead of the swipe-up link, Instagram users can now access the new Link Sticker. The company has been testing this feature in June with a handful of users. However, on August 30, Instagram started to roll it out more broadly. 

When the said feature was introduced, only businesses and high-profile creators who met the threshold for follower count could use Link Sticker. 

With the recent announcement, though, all Instagram users can now share links in Stories. 

Link sharing is useful in various ways to Instagram accounts of all sizes and types. Hence, it now allows everyone to share links in their Stories.

The company decided to make the said feature available to all users after hearing feedback from the community. They believe the ability to share links will allow businesses of all sizes to grow in the same way as larger businesses do. 

How to Access It? 

Link Sticker feature is available at the top navigation bar when you upload content to your Story. When you select the feature, you can start adding a link. Once the link is added, tap Done and place the sticker anywhere on your Story. 

But the company warned that adding a link to Stories must be done carefully. If bad actors would use this feature, they could spread misinformation or post spam. 

Thus, Instagram emphasized that accounts sharing misinformation would be blocked from using the said feature. And if you often share hate speech or misinformation, you can’t access Link Sticker. It’s also true if you post content that violates the community guidelines. 

This is the first step in allowing more users to share links on Instagram. However, you still can’t add links to your Instagram post. But you can add links to your bio. 

Some users complained that they have lost access to this feature unfairly. For instance, an Instagram user was not allowed to use stickers after sharing an image of kids from the waist up. The photo was removed for nudity or sexual activity. 

The company promised to review accounts that claimed they have been told they could no longer use link stickers. 

As long as you use Link Stickers properly and do not violate the company’s guidelines, this feature can help increase the vitality of your content. It can increase your brand awareness and reach. It also improves trust and authenticity. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to connect with your followers. 

When it comes to SEO, though, links from Instagram and other social media profiles won’t give SEO link equity.

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