Instagram Launches Threads: What Is It For? 

Instagram Launches Threads: What Is It For? 


Instagram just launched Threads. It is a messaging app that you and your closest friends can use. The app is a companion of the main app — Instagram. It allows you to share photos, videos, and text within your list of close friends. 

Threads will also let you invite other people to share your location and other intimate data. But it raises privacy concerns. Some people would want to reconsider how they will use it with their close friend’s list. 

Threads and Its Components

The app requires a camera. It is the default screen each time you open the app. It lets you take photos and videos with no filters. It comes with customizable shortcuts. If you mainly use the app for messaging three people, for instance, you can easily put their photo on the bottom of the screen. From there, you can take a photo and tap it to send. Taking and sending a photo through Threads is fast. 

In addition to the camera, the app has an inbox. It mimics your DMS on Instagram. However, the inbox is limited to your close friends. In that case, if you only have a few friends on the list, you will have a short inbox. An average user will have up to 12 dozen people on the list. It also has a group chat. However, it is only ideal if everyone is your close friend. 

There is also the status screen. It is a message that you can enter when you are away from the app. Simply put an emoji or type a few words. From there, you can pick from the Instagram list of pre-populated statues. Then, you can choose how long you can keep the status visible. You can have up to four hours, though. 

You may also choose to have an auto status. It refreshes your status without your input. However, the app has to learn when you are at work or home. And this is what makes this app creepy. Then again, the developer stated that the app will not store your exact location. Rather, it will only use it to create context. 

But no matter how you update your status, it will only be viewed by your “close friends.” In that case, you need to ensure that the people on your list are indeed your close friends in real life. 

Worried about your privacy? Instagram wrote a post about it: 

“Auto Status will not share your precise location with your friends, and when Threads sends location information to our server to look up locations, it’s not stored there – this information is only stored on your device for a limited time. It is also deleted if you remove Threads.” 

Instagram wants you to use it so you can be a little closer to those you truly care about. It is built for your small circle of friends. In that way, you can communicate with them on what you are doing and how you feel through videos and photos. 

Threads is a standalone app. You can only add friends who are already on your Instagram list of friends.

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