Instagram launches Add Yours sticker for Stories

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Instagram has released a new Add Yours sticker for Stories. It allows users to prompt other people to reply to their content. The feature creates more engaging threads to posts in Stories.

instagram stories add yours

As show, users can add the Add Yours sticker to Stories. For instance, using a #OOTD prompt to ask followers to reply with their own #OOTD photo.

instagram stories add yours

The responders’ images will show up on the profile bubble list on the sticker. If you tap the list, it allows you to scroll through all the responses to the thread. It creates a response chain in Stories to raise engagement.

Oddly, TikTok already has a similar feature in Duet. And TikTokers often respond and add to the Duet chain. It creates a long, interactive stream of content based on the thread’s theme.

TikTok has a more engaging community of creators. And Facebook-owned Instagram is once again ripping off a page from TikTok’s book. The world’s largest social network appears to be a bit desperate by going this far to copy the usage trends of its rival’s features. It has run out of original ideas to develop something new.

Facebook wants to win back younger audiences in its products. But it must keep its engagement rates with this demographic high. If not, the acceptance of its advanced, metaverse products. And data has shown that Facebook has dropped usage among its 24 and under group over the past 10 years.

TikTok and Snapchat have sparked and led new trends for younger audiences.

Instagram once had cultural presence. This direct line with creative communities slowly withered away after Facebook took over.

To catch up with the competition, Facebook has been copying features from TikTok and Snapchat to varying success levels. Instagram Stories and Reels have been hits for Instagram. But its usage numbers are way behind TikTok. It seems Facebook has stopped innovating and switched to stealing.

Instagram started testing the Add Yours sticker with selected users last month. Now, it is rolling out to all users worldwide on Android and iOS.

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Author: Francis Rey

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