Instagram is working on Challenges for channels

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Instagram is reportedly working to add a new feature called Challenges to its channels. The upcoming feature was spotted by reliable reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who posted a screenshot of it on Threads.

According to the screenshot, you can create a contest for members to submit photos to win prizes, and you will be able to choose winners at the end of the contest. Members can react, share, and also report entries.

It is a way to keep members engaged, and spend more time on the app, which has been Instagram’s major goal in recent times.

Instagram is testing longer Reels with video uploads. According to an example posted by Justin Jarvis and shared by Matt Navarra, some users can now post up to three-minute videos, up from the previous 90-second limit.

Though, Instagram has been testing the ability to upload longer Reels for some time now, this is the first time it is been seen live while being tested.

According to Social Media Today, users can only use pre-recorded videos as longer Reels uploads, as opposed to capturing them via the Reels camera.

It is important to state that longer videos are in high demand these days, especially on TikTok, and it is not a surprise that Instagram is thinking along that line.

In August, Reliable leaker and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, reported that Instagram was working to expand video limits in Reels to 10 minutes.

In a short statement made available to Engadget, Meta said the screenshots obtained by Paluzzi were real but added that they represented an “internal prototype.”

In July, Instagram launched new templates to make it easier for users to create engaging videos. 

The new template browser can be accessed by tapping on the “create” button from the home page, then selecting the “Reel” option. Tap the images in the lower left corner of the screen to open your camera gallery, then tap on “Templates.” You can also find the Template Browser through the Reels Tab by simply tapping on the camera icon, then tapping “Templates.”

Longer videos will help to keep users on Instagram engaged, while providing creators avenues to upload interesting content.

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Author: Ola Ric

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