Instagram is testing new way to invite friends by Messenger

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Facebook has not hidden its desire to interconnect all of its apps and make them all seamlessly accessible to users. We have already seen that with how you can access or connect Instagram via your Facebook. The interconnection is continuing with a new screenshot posted on Twitter by Jane Manchun Wong showing how you can invite friends to Instagram by Messenger.

This is new considering the fact that we have never seen such before especially when it comes to Messenger and Instagram. What that means is that you can now invite your friends who are on Messenger to Instagram. It is Facebook’s shrewd way of populating its services, which has always worked for the social media behemoth.

In the screenshot, you can invite friends by other Facebook-owned apps including WhatsApp and now Messenger. This is in addition to the options of inviting friends via email, SMS, and a couple of other means.

The feature for now, is still being tested according to Jane. When this is rolled out, it will serve as another way of helping Instagram to grow its user base, which by the way is already ahead of Snapchat; its biggest competitor.

In other Instagram news, Direct Message, the standalone app owned by the ephemeral picture-sharing app is being retired. This piece of information was made known by popular social media commentator Matt Navarra. You will be greeted with a new message in the Play Store which says it: “is going away” when you try to send a direct message to a friend.

Previously sent messages, however, will now be moved over to the dedicated Instagram app. This is so important in order to ensure you don’t lose those private or important messages previously sent.

Direct Message was released by Instagram in 2017 as a camera-first app with Chile, Portugal, Israel, Turkey, and Uruguay among first to have a feel of the app. As a standalone app, Direct Message did not make as much impact as Snapchat; the app it was designed to compete with. Still, it was one of those apps that helped people to communicate their feelings while it lasted.

You don’t have to do anything as all your Direct Messages will be moved over to Instagram—the main app. The exact reason for this action is not known as no official explanation has been given. However, it may not be unconnected with how the app was not able to make the cut in terms of usage.

Regardless of the reason for the decision being taken by Instagram, Direct Message was a useful tool for a lot of users who were able to communicate privately with their contacts.

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Author: Ola Ric

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