Instagram is testing audio room

Clubhouse without a doubt is leaving its footprints in the sand of time. The audio chat app has been a huge success since it broke into limelight–little reason Instagram is now testing what could best be described as its own version. 

Per reliable Alessandro Paluzzi, the Facebook-owned app is currently testing its own version of Clubhouse. It is typical of Facebook and its long lists of apps. The world’s biggest social media company has a history of cloning successful apps, and one is not surprised that it is the turn of Clubhouse to be cloned.

Should Clubhouse be worried?

Maybe; but one would expect an app that has revolutionised audio chat not to entertain any worry; but the truth is that Instagram has the spread. Clubhouse for all its efforts and good works still does not have an Android version. Android has a remarkable spread, which is a big boost for Instagram. 

For all we know, this is still a test; but do not bet against an official roll out. Though no date or official statement has been made to confirm this latest info from Paluzzi, an official release may not be far off. 

This is one to watch; keep a close eye on it.

Last month, Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that it is developing a new ‘Vertical Stories’ feed. The vertical stories feed when launched, could make the app look very much like TikTok. The best part of vertical swiping us that it enriches your experience while using Instagram, and works much better than taps and horizontal flicks.

Chances are that Instagram would accord greater priority to video posts over images in order to effectively compete with TikTok. Competing with TikTok is pretty much what everyone does these days; and the vertical stories feed could be the real deal.

Confirming the test to TechCrunch, an Instagram spokesperson said: “This is an early prototype and is not currently testing on Instagram.” While a prototype does not necessarily confirm that the feature will eventually be rolled out, it does give us an idea of what the company is planning to do.

Back in July 2020, Facebook wasted no time in its bid to upstage TikTok in India as the social media giant started testing Instagram Reel in the country. This, coming only a couple of days after TikTok and 58 other apps were banned in that country is no surprise—quite a large number of tech writers and social media commentators had predicted this. 

Of course it is no longer news that Reels had since been launched and is gaining ground across the globe.

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