Instagram is testing a new way to monetize your Reels

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Instagram is cooking up something interesting once again—the possibility of letting you earn some bonuses for your Reels is reportedly on the card. This will sound like some cool music in the ears of thousands of creators out there.

Instagram Reels is fast becoming very popular among creators, and this might just be the proper time to monetize the feature. Per Alessandro Peluzzi, the Facebook-owned app is working on a feature called “Bonuses.” When you share your Reels, you will be able to earn some bonuses in return.

The feature will also enable you to view or track your progress—you will be able to see how much progress you have made towards your earning goals. That for me, seems like the best part of it—your ability to track your progress encourages you to work even harder to upload top-quality short clips.

You will also be able to keep up with new bonus opportunities as they emerge. This too is one big opportunity to rake in more revenue from a feature that continues to grow since launch.

More details will probably emerge in the days ahead—hopefully it gets the official nod from Instagram. It is one feature I would love to see especially as more content are being added to Reels every day.

Last December, Instagram rolled out the “Shopping” feature in Reels.

Shopping is already visible in virtually everywhere you turn to within the app. Places like Feed, Stories, IGTV, Live, and now Reels all present you with an opportunity to shop. Going forward, viewers can tap through tags to buy or save them. Of course, those tags would first have to be created by businesses and creators, and have them tagged to products when Reels are created.

Shopping gives people who come to Instagram for inspirational ideas to also close deals. What that means is that you can achieve two things while you are on the platform—you get great shopping ideas, and also get to place your order. It is a win-win situation for Instagram and its parent company Facebook. Facebook makes money from ads it sells to brands, and also get people to buy within the app.

Shopping will only get better on the social media—companies like Facebook, Instagram and the likes will continue to innovate. The future is really bright for brands, creators, users, and the social media companies.

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Author: Ola Ric

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