Instagram is rolling out collaborative carousel posts feature

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Instagram is now making its feature of collaborative posts available to users after testing it for a few months. Another way to engage with the platform is through collaborative posts, which let users add to posts in the carousel feed.

Users will be able to upload videos or images to have them featured in their carousel posts. For instance, if you would like to add a party photo, you can ask people to contribute their unique viewpoints to make a collaborative collection.

The original creator will have the power to accept or reject any submissions based on the test discovered during the test’s execution in July, and the post will only appear on the creator’s timeline and not that of any other contributors.

Every addition will show the handles of each individual contributor along with the creation date of that post.

This might be a useful strategy for promoting user interaction with the app, which has always been Instagram’s main objective.

Instagram’s new Nearby Stories feed is currently undergoing testing. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi recently posted a picture that seemed to illustrate how Instagram’s upcoming feature would showcase public content from local businesses and users. 

The new Nearby feed feature is one of the main components of “Douyin,” the Chinese version of TikTok. Douyin uses its local content to promote local businesses and boost interaction.

The advantage of this feed is that it offers a fresh platform for advertising, allowing regional businesses to target users based on their location. In China, the feature has also allowed Douyin to expand into new ad offerings like services and food delivery through the app.

Instagram will probably need to remind users to update their privacy settings in order to keep their content hidden from their neighbors, but this could be an interesting addition none the less.

A new poll feature that will soon be accessible to all users has begun to be tested, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

Some Instagram users now have the option to participate in a brand-new poll in the comments. This is another tool that content creators have at their disposal to increase revenue from their work.

On his broadcast channel, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the test. Polls may be posted in the comments on both the regular feed and Reels, as Mosseri mentions in his post.

The feature will soon be accessible to all users, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, even though the test is still in its early stages.

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