Instagram is reportedly working on some generative AI features

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Meta wants a piece of the generative AI cake, according to reliable reverse engineer Allesandro Paluzzi. According to Paluzzi, Instagram is seemingly testing some generative AI features.

Some of these new AI features include labels that allow creators to identify images “generated by Meta AI.” Paluzzi posted a screenshot that shows an in-app message showing how posts created with generative AI tools may soon be labeled within the platform. 

The creator, or Meta, said that this content was created or edited with AI,” the message explains. Additional labels indicate it was “generated by Meta AI” and that “content created with AI is typically labeled so that it can be easily detected.”

As expected, Meta has not confirmed the leak, but considering the number of social media companies integrating generative AI into their services, Paluzzi’s new leak might turn out to be true in the end.

Instagram is rolling out a new Template Browser that will allow users to sift through templates by category. Users can browse templates according to recommendations and latest trends. 

Templates allow you to create a reel by reusing elements from another reel you love. Simply drop in your own videos and photos to save time and put your own creative spin on a reel. 

We’re making it easy for you to find inspiration for your next reel, starting with a new and improved Template Browser. Now, you can browse templates by category in the Template Browser, organized by Recommended, Trending, and templates or audio you’ve saved,” Instagram explained in a blog post.  

The new template browser can be accessed by tapping on the “create” button from the home page, then selecting the “Reel” option. Tap the images in the lower left corner of the screen to open your camera gallery, then tap on “Templates.” You can also find the Template Browser through the Reels Tab by simply tapping on the camera icon, then tapping “Templates.

The new feature comes almost a month after Instagram started letting users download reels posted by others. 

This is one feature that has been available on TikTok for years now and has helped the app gain popularity among millions of people all over the world.

To download Reels, simply go to their camera roll and click to download. The same can also be shared with a share icon, following which you select the Download option.

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