Instagram is launching automatic in-app text translation

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[dropbox]I[/dropbox]nstagram is going to add an automatic in-app text translation feature next month. The feature, according to the Facebook-owned company, will be able to translate comments, caption post alongside its pictures, and user bios.

“In the coming month, you’ll see a translation button on feed stories and profile bios written in languages different from your own,” Instagram said in a blog post.

The feature, according to Instagram, will be added in the coming month. It will be able to automatically translate comments and descriptions to your chosen language, reports The Verge. The report further adds that the text will be “machine translated” from the original language chosen in your app settings, and will be visible by tapping a new “see translation” option under comments and captions.

Interesting feature I must admit, but as with updates that have to do with language, it might take time before you see translations in some not so popular ones. However, common languages like English, French, Russian, German/Deutsch, Afrikaans/Afrikaans, Polish/Polski, and Spanish have already been added by Instagram for a start—with more still to be added. Support for many languages is limited at this stage. There is a possibility too that you may not see translations for older posts; so don’t be disappointed if that doesn’t happen.

At the moment, the default translation language on your phone app is the one you currently in use. However, Instagram says you can switch or change your language setting by doing the following:

For iOS

Tap to open your phone or tablet’s settings.

Tap General > International > Language.

Choose the language you’d like to use.

For Android

Open your phone or tablet’s Settings.

Tap Language and Input > Language.

Choose the language you’d like to use.

For Windows

Press Start which is the middle button at the bottom of your phone.

Swipe left.

Scroll down and then tap Settings.

Tap Language + Region > Phone language.

Choose the language you’d like to use.

Instagram recently announced it had clocked a little over half a billion users—a feat that ranks it as one of the fastest growing social media service. The milestone ranks it above Twitter and Snapchat, and places it in a better stead to attract more revenue through ads.

With 80 percent of its user base living outside the US, Instagram is truly at home with people in every city of the world. Of this figure, the company announcement that 300 million people use the app every single day. “Today, we’re excited to announce our community has grown to more than 500 million Instagrammers — more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day.”

The fact that 80 percent of its 500 million users live outside the US could have encouraged Instagram to consider adding the automatic in-app translation feature. This feature has the ability to encourage more people in different cities to embrace the app. Instagram’s achievement is quite commendable, considering the fact that it took the company only five and half years to outgrow Twitter.

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