Instagram is getting rid of the Shop tab in new overhaul

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Instagram has announced that it is simplifying its app interface. One of the features that will suffer from this is a feature that was launched not quite long ago. The new arrangement will see the shop removed from the main application.

Starting from February, Instagram said it will return the compose button back to the front center of the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, which means the Shop tab will be removed.

Why did you change the Reels button will now move over to the right of Compose, and will lose its place as the main button. 

High-profile users like Kim Kardashian and Kyle Jenner had added their voices to complaints about how Instagram has deviated from its original version and plans. However, Instagram’s latest change is geared towards addressing those issues.

So, is this the end of shopping on Instagram? Most certainly not.

You will still be able to set up and run your shop on Instagram as we continue to invest in shopping experiences that provide the most value for people and businesses across Feed, Stories, Reels, ads, and more,” a spokesperson said per TechCrunch.

The new changes are expected to become visible from February, Instagram said.

Towards the end of last year, Instagram rolled out new Reels template that lets users create their 2022 recap. The recap, according to Instagram, will be sharable to friends and followers.

The recap feature will allow users to customize their 2022 Recap Reel by choosing a narrated template from artist and producer Bad Bunny, DJ & producer DJ Khaled, rapper and producer Badshah or Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson.

You can create your 2022 recap by selecting up to 14 photos to share with your friends and followers. This can then be automatically edited into a complete Reel that can be shared with your followers.

Instagram users will start to see a new “create your 2022 recap reel” prompt in the app’s homepage which will then take them to the new template. Better still, they can navigate to the Reels tab to select the 2022 recap template to get started.

This was not the case in 2021 as users had to create their own version of an end-of-year feature where they would post their top nine images in a photo grid. Unlike last year, this year’s end-of-year recap feature is built on Reels, and this based on the fact that Instagram’s focus has been on promoting Reels.

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