Instagram Introduces Reels Copying TikTok’s Best Features 

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Instagram Introduces Reels Copying TikTok’s Best Features 


TikTok is more than just a social media platform. It encourages users to be more creative. That’s why it has become a home to various niche communities, like sport, fashion, comedy, etc. TikTok has unique features. And Instagram wants to copy some of them. 

Instagram and Reels 

TechCrunch spotted the new feature first. It is currently available in Brazil. The feature is called Reels and it is accessible on iOS and Android. It allows users to record a 15-second clip that you can set to music. 

Reels includes the most popular features of Instagram and copies TikTok’s rich features. Instagram could easily cross-promote Reels to its billion of users. However, the app must retrain its users to create storyboarded social entertainment, rather than autobiographical social media. 

The launch of this feature can indicate a shift to how Instagram clones another app. But Instagram insisted that TikTok and Instagram’s Reels are two different products. However, it admitted that sharing video with music is a universal idea. The real challenge is how Instagram will make it a unique format. 

Why Brazil 

Reels will start first in Brazil, with huge Instagram users. The country has musical culture and it has a wide creator community. 

Furthermore, it is not obsessed yet with TikTok. It is not like India where TikTok is gaining popularity. This internationalization strategy is the same technique the company used when it made Stories popular. 

The new feature was previously reported to be called Scenes. But it looks like Scenes is Reels now. 

If you live in Brazil, you may see Reels in your Stories shutter modes tray. It is sitting next to Boomerang. You can record videos and use the audio of another video or you can record with silence. Audio snippets will have their pages that display top videos. 

The wide music collection of Facebook will power Reels. You can pick a song you want and record or upload video clips to fill your Reel. 

This feature also comes with some editing tools, like timed captions. This tool will allow words to show up in some scenes. There is also a ghost overlay tool to line up transition. In that way, it will look fluid. 

Although Reels has several rich features, it does not have yet video filters and special effects that you can find on TikTok. Those essential features are useful enough to help users in cutting between scenes. But Instagram promised that they are coming soon. 

When you are satisfied with your video, you can post it to Reel to Stories or message it directly to some people. If you share it publicly and get a lot of views, it may appear in the Top Reels section. 

TikTok Under Scrutiny 

Now is the time for TikTok’s competitors to fight back and Instagram is doing just that. TikTok is under review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US. 

Compared to Instagram, TikTok is all about making people smile and not about the personal image. Instagram is all about glamour. If Instagram could change that niche, then it could somehow beat TikTok.

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