Instagram introduces new ‘Questions Stickers’ to Stories


Instagram wants to make its Stories feature more engaging and interactive by allowing users to post questions. Earlier in the month, the Facebook-owned company began testing a feature that allows you to post questions to your Stories. Users will be allowed to ask specific questions, while viewers can then tap into the text box and respond with whatever answers they like. Details were a bit sketchy at the time, but everything seems to be coming out in the open now as the company on Tuesday added a new “Questions Sticker” feature.

The new feature gives users an option of asking their followers questions that can be selectively shared and responded to publicly inside their Stories feed. I am quite positive about this one [the new feature] because it will help to boost the activities of influencers who by the way are becoming more popular these days. Millions of people on Instagram want to know more about the influencers they follow on the platform, and the Questions Sticker feature offers them a way out to do just that.

The handle of the person asking a question, according to TechCrunch, will not be visible probably for privacy reasons. If it boosts the confidence and privacy of the person asking the question, then I don’t think anyone will have any issues with that.

Instagram launched IGTV a couple of weeks ago to add its name to a long list of companies offering video streaming to users. IGTV allows you to post long-form videos, while allowing you to make money as a creator. Instagram calls it its “most exciting feature to date”, but only time will prove that.

IGTV hosts video content of up to one hour in length, and anyone can upload videos either from Instagram or the dedicated app. Everything about your upload is mobile-related, which means the videos will be in portrait mode.

IGTV is made simple for every user, there is no need to search to start watching content from those you follow on Instagram. Among other things, you can swipe to discover more video content, switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching” among other features added to the app. Sending and liking videos you find interesting are also part of the newly launched app.

Like YouTube, the new app allows you to create channels as a creator. Those who follow you can follow your channel to watch your uploaded videos. Though, it is an app, you are not limited to uploading videos via mobile alone as you can also do that on the web.

The opportunity for creators to earn more from creating videos for the new product will be massive. It also opens up Instagram to a world of opportunities different from what everyone knows it for. Allowing users to post longer videos in the main feed in vertical format will be an interesting thing. While users are allowed to post 15-sedonds video in Stories, the main feed allows for a little longer posting of 60 seconds.

Author: Ola Ric

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