Instagram introduces new feature to help creators gain more new subscribers

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Instagram just unveiled sticker tap, a feature that will serve as a tool to give creators more insight into data related to subscriber growth.

Instagram will now provide notes on how much engagement a creator’s stickers are drawing in the app.

This is a great tool to help creators measure their performances, especially in terms of how subscribers are responding to their content.

The social media behemoth is reportedly also increasing the teaser display for its subscription stories, according to Social Media Today. They will be able to choose to sign up to view content that is exclusively available to subscribers.

Additionally, Instagram is introducing new measures to stop screen captures and screenshots. This will lessen the possibility of unauthorized use or sharing of an author’s unique work. Through its professional dashboard, the social media behemoth is also disseminating fresh case studies, advice on best practices, and more.

Instagram has added a new Notify sticker to help creators keep their audience informed. With the new sticker, the audience will be notified of any new posts from creators they follow on the app.

The new Notify sticker will prompt your audience (if you are a creator) to set a reminder to ensure that they do not miss your upcoming posts on Instagram. Once a viewer taps on the Notify sticker, he will be able to choose which elements he gets a notification about.

Since not everyone is going to be able to see all your updates, it only makes a lot of sense to add such an important update as this.

As rightly said by Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri a couple of days ago:

Nobody reaches all of their followers when they post, primarily for two reasons: one, a lot of your followers won’t open the app that day, and two, those who do log in have far more posts to see than they have time to spend and don’t scroll down far enough to get to every post.”

In related news, Instagram is working on a significant new element that could allow you to backdate your posts. The upcoming feature, according to Android Authority, will only appear when you try to share a new post.

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Author: Ola Ric

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