Instagram has added new in-stream safety alerts to protect users from scams

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Instagram has recently introduced new in-stream safety alerts to help users avoid scammers, who are one of the platform’s biggest problems.

The updates include new alerts if you get tagged or mentioned by an account that you do not follow in the app, as well as new warnings when such dubious scam profiles try to connect.

Instagram, in a statement, said:

“If an account that we suspect is impersonating an individual or business or is engaging in potentially scammy activities requests to follow you, we will show you a notice reminding you to be aware of potentially unwelcome or suspicious interactions.”

Instagram now has a couple of different new warnings, alerting users to potential issues with accounts that want to connect to them.

This new approach could be a good way to deal with potential harm caused by scammers, with specific tags prompting more awareness in relation to more specific actions.

Additionally, Instagram is introducing new alerts that prompt users to check and update their privacy and safety settings when they are mentioned or tagged by accounts they do not follow. Next, users can attest that they comprehend each tag’s meaning and the appropriate way to handle any associated interaction. 

Instagram has added a new DM filter, which will help creators filter messages to only allow direct messages from people they follow.

The new “People you follow” option, which has now been added, will enable you to prioritize DMs from only the profiles that you have chosen to follow.

This new update could come in very handy for people who receive a lot of DMs. This will ensure that they do not miss any messages from the people they follow or consider a priority.

In 2023, Instagram updated its platform to limit DM requests to just texts. People you do not follow will only have access to send one-message invites before they can start chatting with you.

Here is how Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explained it:

We’re adding a filter for people you follow because maybe you DM a lot of people you don’t follow yet, negotiating deals, and figuring out collaborations. But sometimes you just want to focus the experience on people you know in order to make the experience a bit safer and more positive.”

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Author: Ola Ric

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