Instagram Creator Portfolio now official

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Instagram has announced officially its Creator Portfolio feature. It will allow creators to build a media kit package to showcase their audience reach and brand work.

For instance, creators can build their own portfolio from the Professional Dashboard. The process will guide creators to build their pitch to brands. It also has a view to secure influencer marketing deals.

The feature is like the IG Creator Marketplace list. The list presents influencers in a collective showcase.  A Creator Portfolio allows users to share their profile directly to potential partners in the app.

The option was in testing last month. Instagram has refined the offering in recent weeks.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi spotted the welcome screen below for the option in the backend code of the app. It has an overview of how things work.

Instagram is boosting its appeal to creative talent. It wants its top stars to remain on the platform, not to jump ship to YouTube or TikTok.  Instagram chief Adam Mosseri says this is its top priority, as they are falling behind some key areas.

“In [an internal] memo, Mosseri said that surveys of creators showed that Instagram “lag[s] behind TikTok and YouTube on all the dimensions that are most important to creator satisfaction,” including several unrelated to the ability to make money, such as “fun, reach, fair algorithm and care.” Mosseri also said the team is “behind where we need to be” on initiatives to help creators make money on the platform but is “upping our urgency and progress,” reports The Information.

Creator Portfolios is another feature with the same goal. It is part of Instagram’s drive to add more content from profiles that users don’t follow in feeds.

With a wider variety of content in front of people, Instagram can maximize engagement. It’ll also help distribute content from emerging talent to a wider audience.

Instagram is also adding updates to Creator Marketplace. It includes a new messaging to streamline brand and creator connection. It also has a new code process for ad collaborations.

Creator Profiles will roll out to Instagram creators next month.

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Author: Francis Rey

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