Instagram Changes Its App Icon and Users Freak Out

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Instagram Changes Its App Icon and Users Freak Out

On Wednesday, Instagram unveiled its new app icon. The current color scheme features purple, pink and orange. The new design was revealed on the company’s website.

“We’ve made improvements to how the Instagram app looks on the inside as well. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.”

Why the company changed it?

“Brands, logos and products develop deep connections and associations with people, so you don’t just want to change them for the sake of novelty. But the Instagram icon and design was beginning to feel, well… not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better.”

Instagram eliminated the old-timey camera icon. It was the one that looked like a camera.

In the new design, the camera-like icon is replaced with a square symbol that represents a camera. It now has vivid colors and simple lines.

For many Instagram users, the new flat design aesthetic is sleek, minimalist and basic. And that’s the goal of the social networking site.

According to Instagram, the new logo is a reflection of the site’s explosive growth in popularity over the years. From being just a photo-sharing service, Instagram has become a “global community of interests” with users share millions of photos and videos every day.

With the simple design, it focuses more on the photos and videos without having to change how users navigate the app. It’s a reflection of how vibrant and diverse the community of Instagram has become.

Unfortunately, the majority of Instagram users didn’t like it. Some of them don’t hate the new design, but they don’t like the new logo because they’re still in love with the old one.

They’re saying that they might not like it today but they will in a few months.

The brand-new color scheme was also criticized because it resembles that of a logo designed using a Microsoft program built in the 1990s. In other words, they found it to be in bad taste.

The old camera icon would tell you what the community was and what it would do, like taking pictures and filtering them to make photos appear old-fashioned.

By embracing flat design, Instagram’s new logo gives its users what they truly need. The simplicity of the design is intuitive.

Other Instagram users are more sanguine. For them, when a popular service changes its logo, users become upset. But they get over it after a few days or weeks, and they keep on using the service. That is, you may think that it’s ugly today, but pretty sure, you’re going to use it again tomorrow.

“We stripped the color and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take center stage, and boosted color on other surfaces like sign up flows and home screens. The evolution of the community has been inspiring, and we hope that we’ve captured some of the life, creativity, and optimism people bring to Instagram every day. Our hope is that people will see this app icon as a new creative spark — something to have fun with and make their own. We’re excited for where this will take us.”

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