Instagram adds new title option to Instagram Live video

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Instagram’s many successes are down to several reasons—the ability to regularly update and add new features remains the most significant of them all. Once again, a new feature is being added to Instagram, and one that could help you add more context for your viewers.

The new feature according to Matt Navarra, will let you add titles to Instagram Live. Matt posted the updated to his Twitter page despite adding a question mark because he was not actually sure if the feature is new or not. That said, it does look like a new feature since it was not there before now.

Adding titles to your Instagram Live videos could attract more people to watch your Live stream. It is going to be particularly useful to people who catch up at a later time. It is a win-win for everyone—Instagram and people who use the picture sharing app.

Despite being a small update, it has the capacity to boost interaction with your Instagram Live content. Recall that Instagram has added some good features to Live video lately, and things are looking good for the app.

The question sticker, which was added last December for one, will be very helpful to users considering the fact that they now respond to questions with music. Users can now choose to respond with a message or share a song to their story. When a song is shared, it opens up the camera for the user to take a photo or video as the music plays in the background. Instagram has now added new camera effects that will respond to music being played.

To better organize Q&A interactions, the ephemeral photo-sharing app also added question stickers to Live Videos. Questions chosen by a user streaming will be shown on-screen so that everyone can see which one of them is being answered. Questions can be asked before or during the Live Video, while streamers can now share photos and videos from their camera roll to their live video.

As the name suggests, countdown stickers are interactive stickers within stories that allows you to count down to an upcoming moment. Your friends will have the opportunity to tap the countdown to follow or share it to their own stories, and they will be notified when the countdown ends.

All features are already rolling out on iOS and Android operating systems from today, and will soon be widely available to all users.

According to reverse engineer and reliable Twitter user, Jane Manchun Wong, the Facebook-owned social media giant is already working on quiz stickers. Information about the upcoming stickers is pretty scanty at the moment, but we are pretty sure many celebrities will love to use them when eventually released.

Quiz stickers are also going to be very useful for companies and radio/TV presenters who like to engage their followers online.

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Author: Ola Ric

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