Instagram adds new interactive Quiz Stickers to Stories


The Instagram Quiz Stickers are finally here—and what that means is that you can now make your stories more appealing by creating avenue for people to know you better. Reliable reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong had tweeted about the feature last February—posting a screenshot of the Quiz Stickers via her Twitter page.

Information about the stickers were scanty at the time, but we did emphasize then that many celebrities will love to use them when eventually released. Quiz stickers will be very useful for companies and radio/TV presenters who like to engage their followers online.


Instagram’s love for stickers dates way back—and as a matter of fact, the company has made a success of the feature. Just like Snapchat, the company has been able to keep its users asking for more since it first launched its first set of stickers.

Starting today, you can use the new quiz sticker in Stories to ask your friends and followers a multiple-choice question. See how well your friends know you,” the company said in a tweet.

The company [Instagram] took to their Twitter page to announce the new feature last Tuesday. In the tweet, Instagram said you could use Quiz Stickers to do a number of things including asking your friends and followers multiple-choice questions. This, according to the Facebook subsidiary, will allow your followers or fans to know you even more.

Instagram’s love for stickers is well-documented. Two years ago, the social media giant launched the smiley face stickers, which allows you to add context to your story with stickers regardless of where you are or what you are up to. Once you take a photo or video, new stickers button will appear next to the text and drawing tools. Tap the smiley face to find customizable stickers for weather, the current time, and your location. To add a location sticker to your photo or video, simply search for your location and choose from the list. People watching your story will be able to tap the sticker to learn more about the location. However, Instagram says your story won’t appear on the location page itself.

Earlier in the year, Instagram added some new features to its version of Stories—countdown sticker, and question stickers. The new stickers can be used in Live Videos and to share music recommendations. For the records, Instagram continues to add series of features to Stories as it seeks to reinvent a feature it copied from Snapchat.

The question sticker just like the quiz stickers will be very helpful to users considering the fact that they now respond to questions with music. Users can now choose to respond with a message or share a song to their story. When a song is shared, it opens up the camera for the user to take a photo or video as the music plays in the background. Instagram has now added new camera effects that will respond to music being played.

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