Instagram adds Live Photos to Boomerangs and Live Photos support to iOS



Instagram has added Live Photos Stories—and that of course, means you can now post GIFs to Stories even if they were not shot with Boomerangs. With this, Apple Live Photos can now be converted into Boomerangs.

Instagram’s co-founder, Mike Krieger announced the new feature along with ability for new iPhone users to share more vividly. Instagram on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now supports wide color capture and display. If you haven’t seen these updates on your app, don’t worry because they are gradually being rolled out and no update is required on your part, reports TechCrunch.

IPhone users may have to look closely to see the new colors on their phones, but the good thing is, they are there. To turn a Live Photo into Instagram’s standalone app Boomerang, simply open the Stories camera on your app, swipe to upload something from your camera roll, and choose one of your Live Photos shot in the last 24 hours. You can give a forceful 3D Touch to the screen while previewing it, which shows a little loading wheel. The Live Photo will then appear as a back-and-forth Boomerang that can be shared in your Instagram Story.

Boomerang was launched in 2015 by Instagram. The app lets you create GIF-like videos that loop forwards and then backwards. In today’s update, when you create a new story, you can swipe from “normal” to Boomerang mode and capture a Boomerang.

From playing catchup in the last couple of years to now doing enough to edge out or measure up to Snapchat’s level, Instagram is gradually turning into everyone’s favorite. The best part about competition is that it brings out the best in you—and of course, consumers are always in for a thrill.

A couple of users have actually seen the new feature and have started using it. If you are among the lucky ones to have seen or started using it, why not give us an update by letting us know how it changed the way you share photos in Stories.

A few days before the holidays, Instagram added stickers and hands-free video features to its hugely popular app. Ability to add stickers to your video and photo stories is one of those popular features people are used to on Snapchat. Instagram just couldn’t take its eyes off Snapchat because it was taken straight off the book of the app. Snapchat is Facebook’s biggest nightmare, and it’s actually not strange that Instagram continues to follow in the company’s footsteps.

The sticker is the smiley face one, and you can find the button next to the drawing tool. It’s now even easier to add context to your story with stickers regardless of where you are or what you are up to. Once you have taken a photo or video, new stickers button will appear next to the text and drawing tools. Tap the smiley face to find customizable stickers for weather, the current time, and your location.

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