Innovative Tech Trends Driving the Future of Mobile Gaming

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Innovative Tech Trends Driving the Future of Mobile Gaming

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Mobile gaming has become a major part of today’s culture in the last few years. Mobile gaming has become a major part of today’s culture in the last few years. Whether it’s playing casino games on your phone through the Betway app, enjoying adventures, or puzzle games, mobile gaming has become popular more than ever. The mobile gaming industry has continually grown popular in the last decade thanks to several tech innovations and more still driving the future of the market.

Here are several tech trends helping to forge the future of the mobile gaming market.

5G is set to revolutionize the mobile gaming market as it brings huge improvements in the speed of wireless connectivity, availed smartphones with internet connectivity. Besides speed, it introduces lots of subscription titles, while making multi-player gaming a reality without having to sacrifice the quality of the game.

The technology allows players to download mobile games exponentially at faster speeds. For instance, Fortnite mobile can support up to 100 players per session and this number can grow significantly with 5G technology. Additionally, the technology has prompted gaming giants like Microsoft, Google, PlayStation, and Nvidia are getting into the gaming-as-a-service bandwagon.

The eSports industry has continually grown in terms of viewership and reach, with competitions similar to basketball, baseball, and football. The industry is catching up at lightning speed and the market is worth over $1.08 in 2021. Additionally, this industry is prompting bookies to add it to their traditional betting portfolio. Whether you’re interested in betting on esports or traditional sports leagues, you can check the  as the industry continues offering more games. The growth of esports betting is attributable to superior customer experience in the market compared to traditional sports.

Subscription is a popular monetization method that lots of mobile gaming publishers use to make money on free-to-play games. That’s because mobile players have proven they’re willing to spend a little amount of cash to improve their gameplay, but not many are willing to pay an upfront cost to play a game. In-app purchases also optimize revenue streams and boost customer retention rates.

According to recent reports, eight out of 15 top-grossing mobile games in 2022 have already embraced in-app subscriptions as their monetization model. This report also reveals that core games will most likely adopt subscriptions in the future as most people in the current market like to enjoy the gameplay before paying.

Augmented reality combines digital technology and the player’s environment in real-time to provide immersive gameplay. AR games use simple devices like tablets, smartphones, and portable gaming systems. Some are also advanced enough to create a digital environment using the gamer’s surroundings.

Despite earlier attempts by developers in the last decade, AR games became popular with the 2016 release of Pokemon Go. The augmented reality game uses your smartphone camera, GPS, gyroscope, and clock to create a location-based AR environment.

Since the release of Pokemon Go, the free-to-download game has recorded over $3 billion in revenue, with in-app purchases being the primary monetization method. It has also recorded over 1.2 billion global downloads, with over 168 million active players.

Future Mobile Gaming Market

Mobile gaming has made video games more accessible, with various tech innovations helping to create more immersive titles with realistic graphics and impressive gameplay. The widespread availability of 5G technology is also significantly enhancing the gaming speeds and making multi-player mobile gaming a possibility.

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