Infographic – 50+ Incredible Instagram Facts And Figures [2021]

Infographic – 50+ Incredible Instagram Facts And Figures [2021]

If you want to see your business develop through the digital market, Instagram has to be the go-to place. Millions of people worldwide are now spending more time on Instagram and other social media platforms rather than doing anything else on their smartphones.

For some of these, data can be astonishing, while this could be a new scope of social media marketing. Of course, you would never want to be the one to miss out and allow your competitors to break free.

If you’re planning to gain heavy traffic from social media, these 50+ Incredible Instagram Statistics are just for you. Surely they will blow up your mind, and you would want to get started right away!

Some Amazing Instagram Statistics in 2021

  1. Over the majority of Instagram users are from the age group of 18-34 Years. It has a combined total of 32.3% of people. This data includes both males and females.
  2. There has been a stipulated hike in the number of active Instagram users from January 2013 to 2018. As of January 2013, the numbers of active users were 90 million, and in 2018, it skipped past 1000 million.
  3. Instagram has become the most engaging platform for all uses all over the world. More than 64% of all total users use Instagram the most, followed by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  4. Most data shows that Stories are more engaging than normal posts on social media. However, Instagram leads the race here with 500 million stories uploaded every day. Facebook and Messenger combined puts up almost 500 Million stories.
  5. Instagram data conversion rate is much higher. When any data is put through Instagram, over 79% of people search for more information! Out of the total users, around 46% of the people opt to explore more at sales pages.
  6. The market is wide open for almost all industries that would explore Instagram. Hotels and Travel has a decent conversion rate of 1.73%, while higher education has a conversion rate of 3.96 in total.
  7. The busiest day and time for using Instagram dates to Wednesday and Friday between 11 am and 12 pm! However, the time around, this also resembles high traffic all over.
  8. The average engagement rate of the food and beverage niche is also amazing, with 1.69 percent. However, the fashion industry is neither falling behind, nor it heads out as 0.94 percent.
  9. Americans, Indians, and Brazilians are the most people who use Instagram as a primary social media platform. They have a combined total of 355 million Instagram users.
  10. The biggest brand that gains most from Instagram Reels is Louis Vuitton. It averages about 7 million views per reel, which is available in 50 countries. 

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