3 Tips to Increase Follower Engagement with Facebook Live

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increase follower engagement facebook live

Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0)

People watch live videos thrice longer than prerecorded ones. So, brands are tapping into Facebook Live, the live-streaming service of the world’s largest social network, to generate higher engagement on newsfeeds.

Live streaming connects you with viewers and fosters trust with target audiences. It draws the attention of potential customers and pushes them to take action.

Facebook Live ramps up overall social media marketing. It raises brand awareness and engages followers, sending your message and driving traffic to your websites.

Here are three tips to reach your goals in Facebook Live marketing.

1. Report the Hottest Trends and Breaking News

Keep followers updated with the latest trends and real-time industry news through Facebook Live. A reputation as a reliable source will enforce your credibility and knowhow in your niche. It draws followers toward your content since they know the breaking news comes from you.

After covering the five Ws in your breaking news, move forward and give your opinion and understanding on the happenings. Start conversations with your followers by asking for comments to boost their engagement rate.

2. Bring Viewers Closer to Your Brand Through Behind-the-Scene Events

Facebook Live streaming gives viewers a real-time sneak peek into your company and its culture. Private events are now open to the public on the platform. A backstage view of company events builds transparency in your relationship with viewers. It fosters authenticity in your content.

Bring your global followers behind the scene with Facebook Live so they can have a glimpse. Invite them on live streaming events such as parties, conferences, outreach programs or company outings.

3. Remember to Promote Your Latest Blogpost

From 2016 until now, repurposing content has been a highly effective marketing strategy. Facebook Live offers another opportunity for marketers to show blog content to followers. Choose blogposts that will appeal to their interests and present easily consumable content.

Take note of key points in your blogposts and direct viewers to the original webpage to drive traffic to your sites. Facebook Live works because viewers can easily ask to understand your message better.

Lead-optimized websites also increases the number of email subscribers due to high-quality traffic. These subscribers have already conveyed a high level of interest in your brand since they attended your Live shows.

A jampacked social media marketing strategy, Facebook Live helps boost engagement like an open-mic-like session with viewers during the entire broadcast. Interested viewers can also move forward by visiting your site to read the full blogposts. Better yet, they will subscribe to your list for updated content.


Facebook Live streaming enforces your arsenal for social media marketing. Learn from the tips above and insert them in your strategy. Remember to test results repeatedly so you can prune unnecessary steps and stick to those what resonate most with your target audience.

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Author: Francis Rey

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