Important Social Media Integration Strategies to Implement In Your Website

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Important Social Media Integration Strategies to Implement In Your Website

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Humans have always been huge chatterboxes and social butterflies, well most of them. Everyone loves to communicate or have seamless conversations without getting bored, uncomfortable, or awkward. Fortunately, with the immense inception of new, technological advancements, endless opportunities for seamless communication seem to have been created, all thanks to social media integrations.

I am sure by now you must have got an idea of what the entire post is all about. So here we will be discussing what social media integrations are, why are they important and what are the appropriate social media strategies to consider.


Over the years, especially in the era of digitization, technological advancements and innovations have seemed to penetrate deeper into our daily lifestyles. I am talking about the inception of different social media platforms, from Orkut to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat and the list goes on. Some attention-grabbing social media stats to take a look at.

  • An average person spends around 145 mins on different platforms
  • Less Lengthy videos trend more and capture attention of the masses
  • TikTok generated $350 million
  • 52% of internet users choose YouTube to binge-watch
  • 18 to 29 is the age group that makes the most of social media platforms

Not just in our day-to-day lives but due to social media involvement even businesses irrespective of their size and industry verticals are found making the most of these platforms to get in touch with their valued customers.

Also, I need not to say this but after incorporating social media integrations, businesses have witnessed a sudden growth and foreseeable future worldwide. No matter how fierce the competition is, developing unique social media integration strategies and making the most out of them can assure a competitive edge.

So what is social media integration? Well, as the name implies it is making the most of available social media platforms to enhance your current marketing tactics and strategies. For instance, you can advertise business-related matters such as business gatherings, meetings, webinars, websites, the launch of new products, discounts, offers and promotions, and information on when the sale will begin on social media. You see via social media, businesses can direct customers or even compel them to attain more business events. So in other words, they don’t have to advertise via other mediums or platforms. You never know Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter can be the first point of your contact.

Still not convinced? Further, I would like to mention the importance of social media integration or should I say I will be stating the exact point or need for integrating different social media platforms.

Social Media Integration – The Why Part?

It has been proven that after integrating with different social media platforms, businesses find a severe rise in the traffic of eCommerce stores, increased engagement for the brand, creating numerous relevant social profiles, better ROI, and meaningful customer experience, so I say why the heck not opt for social media integrations.

Not just connecting people, but social media plays a vital role in connecting brands as well. Further, I would like you to delve a bit deeper into how social media integration is beneficial for businesses.

#1 Seamless Expansion of your Business

The first and foremost benefit derived from integrating to different social media platforms is a seamless expansion of business. Yes, having a tight integration between your business presence, be it a website or app and social media channels compels businesses to expand to a great extent. The bond between brands and your valued customers strengthens like never before. Not just that, all the customer-related queries are answered and feedback are taken into account in no time. Overall, it becomes way easy for the organization to communicate regarding specific news or updates to their followers or loyal customers. Moreover, the scope of reaching a wider audience increases significantly.

#2 Easy to manage

The next advantage of social media integration is that it turns out to be pretty easy to manage. Even if you have to manage different social media accounts by logging in with different credentials then it’s quite possible. Though, it turns out to be quite tricky and time-consuming. Fortunately, with the inception of social media integration, you can get all the ducks in a row. In other words, time to keep everything well-organized and in sync across all your social platforms. So to say this out loud in simple words, it is possible to share, publish and schedule a post in a seamless manner instead of juggling around different platforms.

#3 Analytic and accurate reports

The next benefit of considering social media integration is that you end up receiving proper analytics and reports. Did you know that integrating different social media accounts can offer you a precise and pretty detailed understanding of what exactly your visitor wants? Here you get a simple-looking dashboard that enables you to monitor different types of metrics such as what are impressions, total reach, customer engagement, and conversations, etc. Again all these metrics can be and should be derived from different social media channels to gain a better perspective. Once you receive these reports, it becomes quite easy to refine your marketing strategies and raise the bar high.     

Apart from these:

  • Enhanced website traffic
  • Tracking social engagements and analyzing what to do next
  • Boost lead conversions and better ROI
  • Building brand loyalty and amplified branding voice
  • Seamless content management
  • Rich and meaningful customer experience

Further, I would like to mention some of the best ways or the most appealing ways to integrate social media with your eCommerce store in 2023 and a few years down the line.

Social Media Integration Strategies to Take into Account

#1 Different Social Sign-in Options

Social sign-in options have been available for a very long time but now they seem to be quite acceptable and adopted by different eCommerce stores across the globe. If you have recently dwelled into the eCommerce business then you shouldn’t be missing out on them. You see most of the time Social Sign-ins are a pretty convenient and easy way to access any store and buy relevant products. After all, there is a great possibility for the store owner to integrate social features that work amazing wonders for the storeowner as well as the end user. Social sign-in gives a great relief as they no longer have to create a new account every time and the purchase friction is reduced in a significant manner.

#2 Adding share buttons to Each Product Page

The next strategy to take into account is adding sharing buttons to different product pages. Yes, social media integrations shouldn’t be limited to the about us page or the homepage of your eCommerce store. You can try making things way easier for your end users by adding sharing buttons to each product page.

Here the end users can seamlessly share their recent purchases with their friends or peers and help your eCommerce store to spread the word. In addition, try asking your loyal customers to share their experience regarding the purchase and enhance your brand visibility.

Now this is only possible when you provide a proper means to share, such as social media platforms and share their interactions or experiences in detail. Gaining seamless attention is what’s really needed today to stay in the game.

#3 Brand Hashtags

The next strategy to consider is making use of relevant brand hashtags. Of course, today we all understand the relevance of hashtags, right? The best possible way of bringing all the brand-loyal and customers under a single roof. And that’s the reason why it is recommended to offer clear and well-presented hashtags. Also at the same time try encouraging your end users to use your pre-determined hashtags, especially brand hashtags and share their experience.  Now when you are creating a hashtag especially a brand hashtag make sure you keep several aspects such as network, target audience, product segment and several other things in mind.

Also, it is not just a brand that needs a hashtag, one can be developed for several types of events such as:

  • Promotion and Events
  • Contests
  • Product Campaigns
  • Career & Workplace Content
  • Multi-channel discussions
  • Targeting Strategies

#4 Call-To-action Buttons

Another strategy for social media interaction is incorporating a call-to-action button within your social media profiles. When someone visits your brand, the only thing that needs to be clearly evident to them should be that all the showcased products are the best in the market and for sale. So add all the relevant links to your product pages and ensure that it comprises a direct CTA that makes sure it is pretty easy for the customers to reach you.  

#5 Collaborate with Influencers

Getting along with the trends is extremely important and in the present scenario, one must always try to collaborate well with the influencers. You see today everyone seems to be looking around for authentic content then why not provide one? Do not expect your target audiences to get connected with any faceless brand. Not to mention influencers over social media tend to have a large following. And since they always provide authentic content, sharing their personal experiences with your brand would turn out to be a game changer. Here enhancing social media presence and generating more sales is quite possible.

Final Words

So this is it for now! I hope now you know what social media integration is all about, why it is important and what are the best social media integrations strategies to consider.

I hope now you know all this and are willing to share it with your peers. Time to bring in more and more eyeballs to your brand. Time to get started with social media integration for your eCommerce store. Are you set to collaborate well with ecommerce businesses with social media?

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