Importance of Keywords in Content and Social Media Marketing

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Keywords. They’re still as powerful as they were in 1996 or the introduction of the Internet to the world. No matter what keywords you have, they can provide your content the kind of impact that it deserves.

Importance of Keywords in Content and Social Media Marketing

Importance of Keywords in Content and Social Media Marketing

Keywords play an important role in every content and social media marketing strategy. With certain words or phrases, people could easily find your content that might answer their inquiries/questions.

Their Importance

Google and other search engine giants can understand keywords. With the advanced search coding, they can understand synonyms of the keywords you used.

For instance, if people type in “weight loss,” Google will include “shed pounds,” “lose weight,” “lost weight” and several other synonyms or related keywords in the search result.

The search accuracy of most search engines can help generate more relevant results.

But how would you find the right keywords to use?

Core Questions

This is the first thing that you should think of when trying to find relevant keywords for your campaign. The keywords must answer what your company’s core value is or what it’s trying to solve.

Keywords Used by People

Use Google Search Console to give you an insight of how some people are finding your site. From that information, create your content regarding those keywords.

Keyword Planner

Most content and social media marketing managers are fans of Keyword Planner of Google. It’s free and easy to use.

Since it’s owned by Google, it’ll give you keywords that will definitely give a boost to your campaign.


It’s true that keywords can help improve your traffic or boost campaign. However, you should NOT go overboard.

The best practice that experts are recommending is to focus on one or two keywords. Then, use them in every 100 words.

But don’t just focus on the keywords. Never force them if they don’t fit. The most important thing here is to provide your audience quality content.

Then again, make sure that you use your target keywords on your title. But insert them naturally.

The Drawback

Keywords are great in boosting traffic. It’s true. But finding the right keywords for your campaign is hard work.

It’s also very time consuming.

You need someone in your team to perform keyword research every now and then.

There are a few companies that utilize keywords to improve their sites’ performance. They did an excellent job in improving their content marketing.

As they apply relevant keywords to their strategy, they experienced a surge in their organic search traffic and web search leads.

Cartelligent is one of those companies that maximize the use of keywords in their content strategy. They answered common questions, inserted relevant keywords and promote those on their social media accounts.

SuperOffice is another company that performed a thorough keyword research and saw an increase in their organic traffic and conversion rate.


The value of keywords can’t be underestimated. They must be included in every content marketing strategy as they can bring more traffic to your site.

And this may result in great improvement for your leads.

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