How to Humanize Your Brand Presence on Twitter

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Humanization offers a more personal touch to any type of Twitter activity. Your followers will welcome and appreciate it, and they will help increase your chances of having a wider social audience.

Do not make the major mistake of using full automation and spamming followers to build Twitter presence. It only gives you a false idea of expanding your reach and influence. It takes you on a downhill path, digging a hole in the ground for your business.

Your audiences on Twitter prefer to interact with a human being rather than with a robot. They want to know they are talking to a real human voice behind your brand. A fully automatic mechanism to conduct your presence on the platform will be the end of your campaign.

Even though authenticity with the audience is the reason why social media is powerful, many brands still degrade the value of genuine, human communication. You can avoid this by giving your Twitter presence a personal touch, making your brand more human, affable, and reachable.

A human-centered brand raises trust and confidence, builds new connections, promotes unpretentious interactions, and eventually spreads business and industry influence. Here are best practices to humanize your brand on Twitter:

1. Identify and Know Your Audience

Do you already have a good idea about who your prospects are? What are their main goals and concerns?

Speak and cater to the needs of your audience, offering essential thought leadership and insights about the industry. Be natural and spontaneous about how they can learn more from following your brand.  Dedicated landing pages and inbound links can help them and be fulfilling for your brand, as it increases social lead generation and conversion rates.

2. Hone Your Listening Skills

Listening is a vital part in Twitter interaction. You have to talk less and listen more, if you want to build humanize your presence. Remember: Your best prospects may differ from people who follow and talk to you directly on Twitter.

It often is a challenge to listen to your audience. You can use software designed for social listening to keep tabs on conversations. Many social media tools can help you listen and analyze the demographics of your following on Twitter.

Look at the Twitter lists that your brand ends up with. It will enlighten you about how your followers receive your content on Twitter. And take note of pertinent industry trends and applicable hashtags because these can expand your reach.

Do not use Twitter as an advertising megaphone – a one-way channel to talk only about your brand. Choose to do the things on Twitter that you can do in person.

3. Do Content Curation

Look for distinctive but germane content to share with your audience on Twitter. An insightful collection of high-quality, industry-leading content will expand your reach and influence, and increase social lead generation.

Use value and relevance as bases for content curation to avoid information overload. Important informative material from well-trusted and well-respected sources is well received at all times. Your followers will highly likely share this type of information.

4. Be Yourself

Share the same authenticity between you and your brand. Let your good persona shine through on social media to encourage new relationships.

Do not make the major mistake of merely copying the competition. Your competitors may not be using a thorough or methodical social media strategy. Their prospects and buyer personalities may be poles apart from yours.

Creativity and ingenuity in social media presence and content is vital. You cannot fake authenticity.

5.  Take Part in or Host a Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat builds connections, provides new information, raises brand awareness, and makes big steps to understand how Twitter works. While you give valuable information to your audience, remember to be friendly and professional.

Make sure to answer all questions to the best of your ability in a prompt and friendly way. Do not spend too much time before you respond, they will think that you barely care about them. It will put your authenticity at risk. Never let things fall apart because you are barely there when they need you.

Expand your Twitter audience through a genuine, casual disposition. The more they talk about your brand in public and share your content, the more it increases your coverage and publicity.

Tweeting content, replying to tweets and thanking followers – these are natural ways of introducing your brand to the audience.

Have you tried using a genuine, human approach to form new relationships, expand coverage, and increase social media lead generation?

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Author: Francis Rey

Francis is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He has been writing about social media and technology for more than 10 years. During off hours, he relishes moments with his wife and daughter.

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