Humane AI Pin at Paris Fashion Week

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Humane AI Pin to Leverage AI 

The stealthy software company, Humane, debuted its wearable that promises to leverage artificial intelligence in unique ways. 

Humane is a company founded by Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudri. Both are former Apple employees. It has secured $100 million in investment as part of its new funding round. 

It was unclear what it plans to do as a company. 

November 8 Event

During the Paris fashion show, though, the company gave a hint on what it has been working on. It also confirmed that the wearable device will be properly unveiled at a November 8 event. 

Spring Summer Show 

While waiting for such an event, the device has been making rounds at some fashion shows in Paris. It made a debut during Coperni’s 2024 Spring Summer show at Paris Fashion Week. 

It was on the lapel of supermodel Naomi Campbell. The supermodel is the first person who is not an employee of Humane to wear it publicly. 

The wearable gadget has a projected display and AI-powered features. During a TED talk in April, one of the founders gave a live demo on how it would work. 

According to the press release in June

“The [AI Pin is a] connected and intelligent clothing-based wearable device uses a range of sensors that enable contextual and ambient compute interactions. The Ai Pin is a type of standalone device with a software platform that harnesses the power of Ai to enable innovative personal computing experiences.” 

The AI Pin can perform a lot of things that a smartphone can do but with fewer commands. It is designed to be clipped to a breast pocket. It can summarize emails and calendar events. It can also translate between languages. 

It has a camera that can recognize objects around it. With its built-in projector and depth sensor, it can project an interactive interface onto the palm of your hand or any nearby surface. 

“The Humane Ai Pin is the screenless, standalone device and software platform built from the ground up for AI. The intelligent clothing-based wearable uses a range of sensors that enable natural and intuitive compute interactions and is designed to weave seamlessly into users’ day-to-day lives. The device is privacy-first, with aspects such as no wake word and therefore no ‘always on’ listening, reflecting Humane’s vision of building products which place trust at the center.” Humane

But there are various details that are yet to be unveiled. For instance, how will it connect to the Internet? Keep in mind that it does not pair with a smartphone. 

How those fancy features were not properly revealed. So, a lot of people are skeptical about them. 

However, the company’s way of flaunting it during the Paris Fashion Week says something about how stylish this device can be. 

For now, it is difficult to compare it to other wearables considering that there are a few of them out there that you can attach to your clothing. Humane may have to remember the stigma of wearing a Google Glass. Nevertheless, the mini-projector is cool.

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