HTC Arrive Ships With NoDo WP7 Cut And Paste Update Preinstalled – Report

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izensun / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA)

Really? A Windows Phone 7 smartphone by March 20 which can cut and paste? Has Microsoft finally fixed its update system for WP7 phones and will be releasing the NoDo update already?

Apparently not, but a WP7 phone will reportedly have the famed NoDo WP7 update by March 20, according to a report from Phone Scoop.

According to the publication, Sprint has confirmed to them that the HTC Arrive, which is reported to be available by March 20, will have the NoDo WP7 update preinstalled.

The update includes the much-awaited cut and paste functionality along with a few other performance tweaks which reportedly make WP7 phones, including, of course, the HTC Arrive, to perform faster.

The NoDo update for the WP7 platform has been delayed by Microsoft due to problems after the Redmond, Washington-based software giant apparently bricked a lot of phones when it tried to push a preliminary update earlier last month.

For those who are not familiar with what happened, the update was supposed to improve the update process itself in preparation for the NoDo update but it bricked quite a number of WP7 users. Estimates for bricked phones due to that update runs to about 200,000.

These problems, still not discussed in detail by Microsoft,  will apparently not affect HTC Arrive as the update comes preinstalled with the phone.

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