HP presents the world’s thinnest laptop

HP Spectre

HP unveils the world’s thinnest laptop

It seems like HP Inc keeps reinventing its line of products and try to combine high end engineering with elegance and performance. Few days ago the company unveiled the new HP Spectre, the world’s thinnest laptop, that will definitely raise the bar fot the competition (see Apple and Dell). According to Kevin Frost, vice president and general manager HP Inc:

“The HP Spectre is the thinnest notebook in the world, and unlike the majority of other super thin PCs on the market, this laptop doesn’t compromise power or features. A beautiful full HD edge-to-edge display, Intel® Core™ i processors coupled with Bang & Olufsen sound and a sexy and thin design, HP amazing engineers set a new standard with the all new Spectre.”

Now, this sounds very promising, especially when you have to compete Apple’s MacBooks. And for the record HP Spectre is 10,4 mm thick while MacBook is 13.2mm. But, is it worth it?


Besides the fact that Specter is really thin, it also has many compelling features which can make it a premium laptop. And to be honest, the design is actually very elegant and sophisticated.

  • Inside HP Specter you will find 6th generation Intel Core™ i5 and i7 processors and a lightning fast PCIe SSD with storage up to 512 GB. The processors are paired with up to 8GB of memory for maximum performance.
  • The display is full HD 13.3″ diagonal, edge-to-edge. According to HP the display offers a superb viewing experience, whether you want to edit your photographs or watch a movie.
  • Stereo speakers by Bang & Olufsen, with HP Audio Boost technology, provide an excellent combination of hardware and software.
  • A carbon fiber bottom creates a thin profile that is both durable and lightweight, keeping the total weight of the notebook at just 2.45 pounds.
  • An innovative hybrid battery, split into two thinner, pieces delivers the same wattage as a single battery for up to 9 and half hours of battery life.
  • You will also find three full USB ports, including two of which support Thunderbolt. Now, that is something you will not find on a MacBook.
  • Equipping a device so thin with this much power requires a special approach to cooling. Breakthrough hyperbaric cooling technology from Intel actively draws cool air in, rather than just venting heat out. Combined with dynamic power settings that adjust to your workload, this laptop keeps cool and stays at peak performance.

The new uber-laptop will hit the markets in May. If you are interested in buying the world’s thinnest laptop you can pre-order it from HP.com and BBY.com on April 25. The pre-order has a starting price at $1,169.99. If you think you can wait it will be available in Best Buy stores on May 22 with a starting price at $1,249.99.

Source: HP

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  1. $209 HP Stream 13 win 10/64 low-power better?

  2. It Is a good model for your basic computer needs. But battery life is below average.

  3. can you tell me the EXACT model number of the version in the picture please? It seems that “Spectre” is used to describe many models which look similar

  4. According to HP this is “HP Specter Laptop”. There is no addition to the title. It is similar to the HP Specter x360 but it is not the same.

  5. Model: 13-v011dx

  6. Thanks for the info! The press release I had didn’t mention that.

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