HP Introduces Built-In Privacy Screen Filter

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HP Introduces Built-In Privacy Screen FilterHP Introduces Built-In Privacy Screen Filter

HP Introduces Built-In Privacy Screen Filter

There are times when you don’t want your family members or friends around you to see what you’re watching or working on your laptop screen. The good thing is that HP has found a solution.

Recently, the company introduced the HP privacy screen feature that allows you to press a button to cut off a viewing angle. With it, it makes it harder for the people around you to see what’s on your screen.

How does it work?

The HP privacy screen is built-in that prevents light from going to the side. In that way, the only person who could see your display on your laptop is the person who’s facing straight on.

Privacy filters are already available on the market. You can buy them and place them on your notebook screen to have the same effect.

However, they become a permanent feature of your laptop screen. That means you’ll be stuck with a harder-to-view screen even if you’re alone, and no one is around you.

This feature is known as Sure View. It’s available on the HP’s touch screen versions in September. The non-touch screens will be coming in October.

The most interesting part of this feature is that you can turn it on and off with a simple press of a button. It means that you can turn it off if you don’t need it. That is, you won’t be staring at a dark screen all the time.

Sure View works in partnership with 3M, which makes and sells stick-on privacy filters.

Why you need HP privacy screen?

HP Introduces Built-In Privacy Screen Filter


It’s built to prevent visual hacking. You may think that it’s not a problem if someone stares at your screen. But HP insists that it’s a big issue.

It’s especially true if you usually work in public places, like buses, coffee shops or planes.

If you go to a coffee shop, for example, you can easily see partnership agreements or business plans on other people’s laptop screens. That means you can easily view that a company A is partnering with a company B.

The laptop models with Sure View would be EliteBook 1040 and Elitebook 840. They’ll be available in September, and it has a 1080p resolution.

This feature works well. If it’s off, your laptop screen will be bright and clear. That is, it doesn’t appear to have a filter in it.

However, when you turn it on, the screen becomes hard to view from the side. However, the display is bright enough when you view it straight on. To get the full effect, however, HP dims the screen to a dark level. That means the screen will be harder to read even if you’re in front of your laptop.

HP isn’t doing very well when it comes to computers. The company is under pressure to prove to the world that it can indeed produce innovative features that can surely stand out from its rivals while thriving in a very saturated market.

Regarding the cost of the unit with Screen View, the company said that it’s going to hit the mainstream market. That means it won’t be too pricey.

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