HP Gives New Department to Bill Wohl, Head of Communications

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Bill WohlPalo Alto, California-based company HP has reassigned a new department to Bill Wohl, Head of Communications, reports Bloomberg.

Just last week, HP’s stock tumbled due to lower forecasts, and now the company has reshuffled its public-relations department. HP’s shares fell 20 percent on Aug 19 after company released lower sales and profit forecasts. Other announcements made by the company that time included stopping production of its WebOS tablet computers and smartphones, exploring a sale or spinoff of its PC unit, and acquiring software company Autonomy Corp. for $10.3 billion.

Michael Thacker, company’s spokesman announced that Chief Marketing Officer Marty Homlish will head the corporate communications team, while Bill Wohl will be shifted to a “special assignment.”  The day-to-day operations of the department will be watched by Lynn Anderson. The company staff has been communicated about the changes in an e-mail.

Wohl joined HP in January and was assigned communications department under CEO Leo Apotheker. Homlish joined HP as chief marketing office in April. All three have worked together at SAP AG where Apotheker was CEO and Homlish served as chief marketing officer.

Apotheker attended meetings in New York, Boston and London this week with investors to answer their questions about the changes and relieve their anxiety.

Meanwhile, Wohl declined to comment on the recent changes in the company.

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