HP First Company To Reach One Million LinkedIn Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

HP is the world’s first company to reach one million followers on LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals.

While reaching its one-millionth follower was a great feat, the numbers actually represent a more valuable asset: a large community of relevant specialists who interact with the IT firm in real time.

In February, HP CEO Meg Whitman shared on LinkedIn her insights about HP’s “taking on a turnaround.” And she said of plans to use the social network as a channel to share future company updates.

Natali Malaszenko, Vice President of Digital Marketing at HP, wrote on the firm’s LinkedIn corporate blog that the social network is a key platform for HP to reach out and build or strengthen its relationships with customers, partners, and prospects.

She said HP’s one million followers connect to more than 43 million LinkedIn professionals – about one-fourth of total LinkedIn users.

When these followers interact with HP’s LinkedIn community, each of their connections can also see it, she added.

LinkedIn allows HP to share information globally on its product solutions and insights about the future of technology.

1 million LinkedIn followers for HP

According to LinkedIn’s Marketing VP Nick Besbeas, HP followers provide enormous value in four ways: engagement, targeting, segmentation, and amplification.

Engaged Followers

HP has a knack of sharing information – insights, products, updates, and so on – that its followers want. And these are not ads.

A LinkedIn member who plans to follow HP on the social network should expect relevant content that provide tips on his or her current job and what to do in the future.

Targeted Followers

Most of HP’s LinkedIn followers are senior leaders in their respective industries – the firm’s targeted followers.

In only two months HP added 300,000 followers through targeted LinkedIn Follow Ads, making sure the most sought-after people joined its network.

Besbeas said HP now has an opt-in community of its targeted followers.

Segmented Followers

HP, or Hewlett-Packard, is a multinational IT corporation with different products, services, software, solutions, and technologies across 19 categories in markets worldwide.

An organization as big as HP needs to influence different kinds of industry leaders.

HP followers are diverse. But it can segment its followers through LinkedIn, directly talking to professionals about relevant solutions.

HP’s Malaszenko said LinkedIn’s targeting ability helps HP to streamline its presence on the world’s third-largest social network (after Facebook and Twitter) and to improve its marketing campaigns.

She said LinkedIn’s targeting possibilities are extensive and specific. It allows HP to perfect its content strategy in real time and raises the value of each content the IT firm supplies.

Amplified Followers

HP’s LinkedIn followers are valuable because they share HP updates with their connections in three ways: likes, comments, and shares.

With 43 million connections to LinkedIn professionals, HP followers give the company more than enough additions to its growing community.

LinkedIn’s Beseas said HP followers are 2.5 times more likely to recommend the company than non-followers.

HP posts several status updates daily, amplifying its opportunities on LinkedIn.

As HP has shown, LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to target professionals and engage them with content that will drive results.

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