How VR technology is transforming leading industries

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How VR technology is transforming leading industries

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Virtual Reality or VR is already surpassing expectations and reshaping our entertainment world. 2017 is fast approaching, but the outgoing year will be remembered as the year that witnessed many more industries adopting the technology. Good thing is, loads of industries are fast warming up to the VR technology and it’s no longer restricted to the entertainment industry.

Education, Healthcare, and Space are just a few of several other industries fast catching up to the VR technology Without a doubt, this is an incredibly huge opportunity and the one you can’t afford to ignore!

For instance, if we talk about students in the classroom, VR could transform the entire learning process. Virtual trips can make learning a lot more fun, especially for children with special needs and then there are immersive games and loads of other possibilities. Let’s talk about some industries which have leveraged VR to their advantage and how the future looks like for them.

Online Games

The online games sphere is unsurprisingly huge with respect to VR. Since the online gaming is directly linked to the advanced virtual effects & functionality offered by VR technology, web based gaming has embraced VR like anything.

And the possibilities are indeed limitless – these days you can immerse yourself in popular online games like AudioshieldThe ClimbDragon Front, and London Heist.

It gets even better because more companies are warming up to the idea of integrating VR into their games. If 2016 is the official year that places virtual reality on the world map of gaming, imagine what 2017 and beyond would look like.

Moving from online games to the leading online gaming companies, they will also soon start offering cutting edge VR features with their games to provide an enhanced gaming experience for their players. Having said that, the idea of playing blackjack on virtual reality won’t be a bad one and in fact, could throw in something completely different from what you are used to. 


Use of VR in the healthcare industry is not something new actually, but the fact that multiple apps are being developed and added to a growing list—therapy in particular, makes it even more interesting. Since a VR environment is one that can be easily controlled, doctors are able to expose patients to simulations and help them discover ways to cope with their conditions.


Science and VR are inseparable owing to the fact that there is science behind every technology. Talking about NASA which is one of the pioneering scientific research institutions, it has successfully incorporated VR into many of its programs. Specifically, training is one of the prominent areas where NASA has leveraged VR and many astronauts have been trained over the years with the help of VR technology.


Not to be left out, the automotive industry held a conference aimed at integrating VR technology into manufacturing automobile. Prior to the conference, which was held in 2015, Lexus had designed a driving simulator in 2014, while Ford uses VR to design its cars before physically making prototypes in its famed Immersion Lab.

The sphere is unsurprisingly huge, and that explains why a technology that was once limited to the entertainment industry is the toast of everyone. Not even Oculus Rift, the company that braved all odds to make VR technology very popular today, could have predicted its success. 

The possibilities are limitless—the technology presents you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in your favorite games or even hang out with friends if you like.

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