How Video Marketing Extends Brand Image, Builds Reach Online

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Video has become a top marketing strategy to build reach online. Mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets and laptops, allow people watch video from anytime, anywhere. In 2017, video will account for almost 75 percent of web traffic, based on this study.

So, press your clients to add video marketing in their online campaign. You can use internal tools or guide them in making their own strategy. Either way, they need to see the importance of video.

But why?

1. Video works best on social media and mobile devices.

Among all types of content, video is the best for social media. Most users today access their favorite social platforms through their phones and tablets. For them, reading long blocks of text is not as engaging. You want these people to easily consume content as they go through their feeds. And video gives them a smooth and satisfying experience.

Apart from social media, video has exploited the convenience of mobile technology. Around 28 percent of smartphones users today watch one video daily on their mobile device. They usually are moving, and video offers a quick and easy medium to share content on the go.

Thus, your clients need to add video marketing to their online campaign as well.

2. People actively look for videos.

Social video channel YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, right after its parent company’s Google Search.

YouTube is the go-to platform for people who are looking for entertainment, inspiration and advice. Video creation opens new opportunities for your client to reach potential buyers. And you have increased their reach by adding another channel to market their products or services.

In addition, some of your client’s target audience do not read blogs. They prefer watching videos on demand. You need video content for them.

Some studies have shown the potential of posts with videos to land in Google Search’s first page. Other studies have claimed that the word “video” in an email subject line can increase the email’s open rate.

Bottom line: Video is the hottest trend in online content. Brands that cannot provide video will fade behind competitors who can.

3. Video extends brand image.

Distinct, memorable videos can help your client develop their brand. The people, style and tone of the videos extend their brand’s image and company culture.

Help your client decide what best represents their brand and the ambience of they want to create. How the video appears or feels may have a more lasting effect for viewers than the content itself.

Consider video marketing as a means to build and expand your client’s reach online and visibility. It also leaves a lasting first impression on viewers who have never heard of your brand before.

Increasing reach focuses on creating content that people want to share. They also want content that they can use to take part in new conversations.


What video marketing strategies helped you build reach online? Leave us a comment below.

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