How to Use Twitter to Promote Business in 2020 

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Twitter might seem ineffective to be used as a social media platform to promote your business in 2020. However, Twitter marketing remains an essential tool in promoting your brand, products, and services. But you must find the right way to use Twitter to promote your business. 

How to Use Twitter to Promote Business in 2020 

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Here are some ways to keep in mind when promoting your business on Twitter in 2020: 

1.) Create a Professional Profile 

Sadly, some Twitter business profiles contain photos of a cat or a photo that doesn’t properly represent their brand. 

If your potential customers would visit your profile, they would consider your brand as unprofessional and unreliable. 

In that case, before you even utilize Twitter ads, you should change your Twitter handle. It must reflect your brand and attach your business niche. It will tell your audience the purpose of your brand. 

Then, ensure that your bio tells who you are, what you do and where you are located. You may also show off your brand’s fun personality. But it depends on your business’ nature. 

And don’t forget to change your profile photo. It must include your brand’s logo. It is the first thing that your potential customers see when they look at your account. By using your brand’s logo, you appear more reliable and trustworthy to your followers. 

2.) Increase Twitter Followers 

No one will see your posts on Twitter if no one is following your brand. Thus, after creating or revamping your profile, your next goal is to increase your Twitter followers. 

But how? If you have the budget, you should consider using Twitter ads. 

However, even if you have ads running, you should still tweet more often. To maximize engagement, consider tweeting up to 7 tweets a day. 

When you do tweet, make sure that you should not only post an update about your brand. Rather, you must include tweets from one of your followers. Then, post relevant articles from your niche, breaking news, and personal updates. 

With fresh content, your potential followers know that you are engaging, active and worth following. If you don’t have the time to post an update on Twitter every day, you may use social scheduling software. 

But don’t just post updates. Make sure that you tweeting at the right time. In that way, you can avoid blasting your tweets when the people you are targeting are sleeping. 

The best times to tweet will depend on your time zone and your audience. As for the right times, you may look at your Twitter Analytics. If you are using a social media scheduling tool, it may include an Insights tool. You will find the times when your audience is active. 

Use that information to schedule your posts to be sent out when your followers are likely to engage or see those posts. 

Although it is vital to know the best times to tweet, it is also important to know what type of content you must post. 

Tweets with visual content get more shares and retweets. For that reason, you should include an image to your post. By including images in your post, your potential followers are more likely to click at the photo to read your post. 

You should also include some GIFs or memes. And if you have infographics, you should include it in your post. Infographics get shared more often than just a plain image. 

Then, make sure to add hashtags to your post. This will make your post searchable. You may use industry hashtags for your professional content.

And don’t just post tweets. 

Make sure that you engage in your community. It will help avoid your account to look like it is run by bots. You can engage with other users by tagging and retweeting. You should also reply to your new followers immediately. In that way, they will know there are people behind your account. 

Also, consider replying to your competitor’s tweet to get their attention. But your reply should be detailed and thoughtful to attract more people to follow your brand. You should also get into the habit of tagging other brands. 

3.) Include Videos 

Apart from infographics and tweets with images, you should also include videos as a part of your Twitter marketing. Indeed, it can be difficult to create videos for your Twitter account. However, it is all worth it considering the rewards you can get. 

Video content is highly likely to get a retweet than a post with just a photo or a GIF. 

But don’t just post videos on your Twitter timeline. Make sure that it is engaging and relevant to your brand. It has to be useful to your audience to help you generate more retweets.

4.) Avoid Posting Controversial Tweets 

Sometimes, you may want to share your opinion about a topic. If you want to do so, just use your personal account and not your business account. You should not post a political opinion. Instead, you must separate work from opinion. 

It is also not okay to trash talk about your competition. Doing so will only make your brand look insignificant. Also, avoid retweeting controversial posts. Indeed, you are not the original creator. But it will still make your business look bad. 

Should You Hire a Social Media Agency? 

Hiring a social media agency can be expensive. But is it worth it? 

If you can afford it, then why not try hiring the right agency to take a great amount of work off your shoulder. 

Just remember though that when an agency recommends that you use Twitter ads and you agree, you will still pay for the ads yourself. It is not part of the cost of hiring a social media agency

However, a social media marketing agency knows how to run ads that can successfully promote your business. Although you will pay for the ads, the agency will make the creative details and copy to include fine details about your company. 

Furthermore, the agency knows what content to post to ensure engagement. The agency will tune in on the content that will get likes and shares. 

If you choose to hire an agency to manage your Twitter account, make sure that you are hiring the best ones. If you can’t afford it, though, the tips mentioned above can help you use Twitter to promote business in 2020.

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