How to Use Images to Improve Social Media Marketing?

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Social media can offer tons of benefits to brands. In return, they help companies grow. Social media marketing is indeed a powerful tool to help in driving traffic to your site.

How to Use Images to Improve Social Media Marketing?

How to Use Images to Improve Social Media Marketing?

One of the most effective tips on how to leverage social media is the use of images. Visual content is more compelling than just text.

But how are you going to use images to improve your social media marketing?

Give audience a story

To promote your brand through imagery, you should tell your audience a story. Imagery can illustrate and promote your organization’s values, philosophy, and culture. Furthermore, it can showcase the most important events in your company.

Images can promote your company without being too sales-y.

Social media marketing is still about people and human connection. That said, telling them the story of your company through images will help you relate to your clients as people, instead of just a target market.

Offer value

To help your reader connect the dots when they read your written content, you should offer them images that would best describe the text. According to this report, buyers like short content formats. For that reason, it makes sense to incorporate perfect images to your content.

Some images that offer value to your audience will include graphic quotes, charts, infographics and graphs.

And when you try to find the ideal images for your social media content, you should ask your employees for photos. They may have interesting commentary or photos that would describe your company or brand.

However, when you choose images to be used for your social media marketing, you should always keep in mind that they must be informative. You must focus on how to help them through the images you have provided.

Optimize photos

When you do use images for your social media content, make sure that they are optimized for the web. In this way, you are providing your visitors the best user experience. And of course, an optimized image is great for your SEO efforts.

Optimize your images will make sure that they are in web-friendly formats. If you do not optimize them, you may be irritating your audience with longer page loading time. Sometimes, your image is too large that the loading time becomes too long causing your visitors to abandon your page.

Optimizing images for the web and social media can significantly reduce loading size and time by up to 80%.

And as mentioned earlier, optimizing images is not just about the file size. It also positively affects SEO. That said, make sure that you use strong keywords in describing your images. This is for better on-page SEO. It can also help your site in ranking higher on Google search results.

Images are truly useful in conveying your message to your audience. As more companies are embracing social media marketing, people discover tons of visual contents. If you want to stand out from the rest, you have to keep those tips in mind.

Visual content can promote your brand, only if you do it the right way.

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