How to use Google Analytics for Advanced Visitors Insights

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How to generate audience data to create custom segments for targeted visitors and more tips!

If you have a website, you probably understand how critically important it is to understand the genuine source of your website traffic. Differentiation of traffic sources – whether paid, organic, direct, referral, social – and then channelization of the traffic behavior  towards proper utilization is very important for a website to survive, sustain, and succeed online. If you have statistical data about the traffic sources and their interactive patterns on-site, you can ensure that a channel-specific marketing initiative is actually helping you.

To derive the valuable data about traffic sources, you can take the help of different tools accessible both free of cost or at a price online. However, Google analytics is perhaps a decisive tool you can take help from to pinpoint many underlying factors. You can have it as a both paid and free version. Even in the free version, there are a lot of tricks and tips which can help you optimize your website. In this article, we will talk about how to categorically segment your website traffic according to gender, interest, age, and other improved variety of deciders.

These tricks and tips should help you define your objective, customize your visitor inflow and then use their behavioral pattern data towards improving your website traffic.

Get audience data to create custom segments for targeted visitors

How to use Google Analytics for Advanced Visitors Insights

How to use Google Analytics for Advanced Visitors Insights

Most website owners usually have a target audience in mind when they start a website. But to be honest determining the targeted audience from the generalized one is a time taking task. Google analytics here can help you pinpoint actual audience data with which you can positively determine your audience.  Audience – Interest – Overview! Clicking the series gets you results based on two decisive segments – Affinity category and In-market segment. The interests that are defined help you pinpoint your audience. For instance; if your audience is affinity-interested in technology, films, photography and then if their in-market segment is employment; you can narrow down to the fact that your audience is more inclined about being informed about technological happenings in the employment industry.

Add to this, Audience – Demographics gets you even more channelized data about the age, gender, and other factors. With the data in hand, you can even create a segment and then import these statistics into usable threshold for underlying data.

Other decisive factors to have perfect variety of data


Conversion – Multi-channel funnel – top conversion paths

Get top conversion paths to categorically optimize your sales funnels – Refers to using proper techniques to categorize channel paths – organic, direct, referral etc

Review Behaviour reports for Visitors Insights

Behaviour reports – behavior flow

This is a specialized report that tells you the patterns and flow of traffic from a page to the other – using some important deciders. This is helpful because you can get an idea about how your website traffic is behaving and that if a particular set of page is not doing well, you can track its progress by applying proper steps

These are some of the tips you can use to improve the traffic flow to your website. Google analytics – even in its free version – is quite a helpful tool to optimize your traffic.


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