How to use Automating Critical Alerts for your Business?

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How to use Automating Critical Alerts for your Business?

The way we do business has changed these days, most dramatically during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many companies have abandoned their usual offices and moved their employees to remote work. The way management and employees communicate has also changed – everything has gone online. Skype or Zoom for conferences, social networks for business correspondence. But how do you quickly notify all of your employees of an emergency at your firm and make sure that all employees get that notification? These days, almost everyone has a smartphone with stable internet in their pocket, so you can use  apps for such occasions. Today in our article, we are going to cover the topic of emergency notification apps, how to use them properly. We will also name the main benefits and notification tools of such apps. 

What is an automating critical alerts app? 

 notification apps are a versatile digital solution that can be used to send out emergency alerts in seconds to quickly inform about critical cases or ask for help. Simply put, it’s a software application (similar to WhatsApp) that allows supervisors to send urgent news and important alerts and ensures that all users receive them via mobile devices. Usually, the app is only a small part of the extensive emergency alert system of international companies, one of the important channels of communication between employees.

No special technology is required to install such apps, all you need is a smartphone with iOS or Android, and all it takes is the push of a button to activate the messaging. 

In some situations where there is poor communication, this app can be used for short communications. Organizations can also use this emergency alert app to contact their employees during critical events. 

Who might need to use a notification app?

External notification applications can be used by both security departments and company administrators. Also, for the protection of the employees and their comfort, the app can be used by the workers to inform everyone about an accident. In this way, every single worker can ask for help and is able to inform about the real development of extraordinary events. For example, if an employee notices a fire in the kitchen, he can simply press the panic button and in a second all employees will be alerted about the danger in the office. 

Tools for informing employees in the organization 

If you think that alert apps are just a message of danger, they are not. Such software uses a number of tools that include different channels of communication and information. 

  • Notifications on the employee desktop

Notifications appear as pop-up windows on employee desktop monitors. 

  • SMS informing

A corporate newsletter and important updates in the form of SMS, which comes to the phones of employees, wherever they are. 

  • Emergency alert ecosystem

Delivers over 10,000 messages in 1-2 seconds to an unlimited number of users. 

  • Mobile push notifications

Send messages directly to employees’ cell phones, whether they use the phone or not.

  • Digital media systems 

Use the app to keep employees informed with electronic information boards and LED monitors. This way of informing works only in the case of the office-work type.

  • Employee surveys and questionnaires

Send questions directly to your employee’s desktop and get results in real-time. 

  • Event invitations

Send invitations to important security events with a required response. Remind of important security measures. 

What are the benefits of automating critical alerts? 

The use of such alerting applications and software will simplify the process of informing employees and generally establish organizational moments in the company. Critical alerts automation can be included in any business system in order to increase the company’s productivity. By providing 100% visibility of critical information, a company takes care of its employees and also reduces overall risks. 

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