How To Stop The Internet From Making Your Kids Stupid [Infographic]

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The Internet may be one of humankind’s greatest inventions but it also does have negative effects, especially on children of this generation.

One of these negative effects of the internet is a decrease in attention span of our lads and lasses, this infographic from Who Is Hosting This? claims.

It reveals that 10 years ago, kids had an average attention span of 12 minutes. Today, that’s down to 5 minutes. While that drop may not be solely attributed to Internet use, it is likely that the world wide web has contributed to it.

Furthermore, Internet use, the infographic says, has developed a culture of skimming. Kids these days are more prone to skim over what they reading rather than going in-depth. As the infographic suggests, this makes one a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Because information is also readily available, and in vast quantities, through the interwebs, there is also cognitive overload which may lead to important information being glossed over.

Learning is also not as effective when multitasking, the infographic notes. Kids nowadays have many distractions from their handheld gaming devices, smartphones, tablets, computers, media players plus internet use.

Furthermore, the internet also leads to instant gratifications. According to Who Is Hosting This?, 76 percent of educations say that search engines have conditioned students to expect to find information quickly and easily.

Why is this a bad thing? We can think of myriad reasons, one of them is that we ourselves sometimes do not find the need to learn the workings of a particular concept because we can just Google the answer. When we do not have our tools or are disconnected from the internet, we panic and say we should have taken the time to learn.

Furthermore, 94 percent of teachers say their students equate research with Google and other search engines, the infographic notes. The infographic also says that 75 percent of teachers say Wikipedia comes in at second to Google.

Just recently, it was reported here on Social Barrel that Frequent use of Social Media Linked to Poorer Grades. That’s one other reason how the internet is making kids in this generation stupid.

According to the infographic, 80 percent of teens who use the internet are on social media sites. How many kids go online? According to this, 95 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 go online.

That’s a lot of kids.

So how do you counter these negative effects of the Internet on kids? Read the tips suggested by the Who Is Hosting This? Infographic below.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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