How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home During a Pandemic? 

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How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home During a Pandemic? 

How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home During a Pandemic?

Working from home may sound great for some people but it can be burdensome for others. There are distractions that you have to deal with. What’s even more difficult is that you have a family to look after while you handle your workload. Thankfully, some things and tools can help you stay motivated and productive while working from home.

Follow Your Pre-Pandemic Routine

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean that should wake up at noon. To stay motivated, make sure that you stick to your routine pre-pandemic. That said, you need to go to bed and wake up at the same time before the pandemic started.

If you have difficultly falling asleep, you may use Headspace, which will help you meditate and live mindfully. It lets you deal with stress, focus, anxiety, and sleep. Listen to it for at least 10 minutes a day will help in clearing your mind so you can improve your alertness and achieve instant calm.

You should also get dressed and follow your typical morning regimen, even if you’re just staying at home. Then, make sure that you set up a start and end workday and follow it every day.

Assign a Home Office 

If working from the home setup is new to you, you can designate a space as your workspace to minimize distractions. You must avoid working from your couch or bed. Rather, choose an area where you can sit and focus.

Your workspace has to be organized to avoid procrastination. Clean your desk so you can focus on your everyday task. If you’re not sure how to create a clutter-free zone, you may want to check out some of these set-ups.

Schedule Your Work Hours

Indeed, working from home will make your schedule flexible. However, flexibility may also lead to interrupted productivity. That’s why you need to set your working hours. In that way, you will know when to accomplish your personal tasks and professional duties.

It means that no Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook during work hours. You can use social media accounts only if they are related to your work. If not make sure that you block them during your work hours.

Thankfully, there are app blockers and website blockers that you can install on your phone or laptop. Even if you have outstanding discipline, you can easily fall prey to social media distractions, especially when you see a notification from a good friend. To fight the temptation, you may use those blockers. Freedom and StayFocusd are ideal options.

Stretch, Rest and Walk  

Although staying focused is important, it’s also beneficial that you take short breaks. In that way, your brain can rest as well. Taking short breaks can also encourage creativity and productivity.

To prompt yourself to take a break, you should set a reminder to stretch. You may use one of the best reminder apps in 2020 like Google Keep, Clear and Microsoft To-Do, among others.

During your lunchtime, make sure that you eat your meal away from your workspace.

Connect with Your Co-Workers

Your colleagues are your natural motivators. If you think that you’re no longer motivated to work because you’re bored, why not connect with your co-workers. You can set up a video conference to brainstorm ideas.

Make sure that you have a face time at least three times a week. Collaborating with your team will help in building human interactions. The good thing is that there are various video conferencing tools available free of charge but with limited attendees.

Zoom remains a popular video conferencing tool for work-from-home workers. It’s free for up to 100 people. And make sure that the meeting is only for 40 minutes. An alternative to Zoom is Google Hangout if you’re worried about security issues associated with Zoom. It’s free and easy to use. But it’s limited to 10 people.

Facebook also offers a video conferencing tool but it lacks advanced features.

Collaborate with Colleagues Every Day 

While you work from home, you must know what your tasks are to help you avoid delays and confusion. You should set a weekly meeting with your team to know what each member is working on. A weekly meeting will also help you know which one requires assistance.

You may use a tool that can help you create a shared document. In that way, every member will know what everyone is working on. There are various tools you can use for this purpose. These would include Slack, Google Drive, Trello, Basecamp, and Gitlab, among others.

And to help your team members stay motivated, you should give feedback to them. Compliment your members for a job well done. And if there are inconsistencies, make sure to bring them up so that the workflow will keep moving.

Wrapping Up 

Working from home may sometimes lead to procrastination. Your motivation to work may also be affected because of the distractions at home. But with the help of some online tools and apps, you can complete your tasks each day.

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