How to Reduce Time Marketing in Social Media

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How much time do you spend marketing in social media? 30 seconds? Three minutes? Five hours?

How to Reduce Time Marketing in Social Media

How to Reduce Time Marketing in Social Media

Social media marketing is a must-have strategy as it produces excellent results. But creating one can be a time sinker.

The majority of marketers even spend six hours or more. Younger individuals are spending more than six hours of their time just marketing in social media.

If you market in social media, pretty sure, you would like to accomplish more tasks in less time. Thankfully, there are time-saving tips for it.

Setting a Timer

Yes, you do need to set a time limit to prevent yourself from spending too much time on a particular social network. Your productivity tends to lower after 30 minutes when you’re on a networking site.

Sometimes, there’s rarely a reason that you need to spend more than 20 minutes on one network.

To be more purposeful, try using an alarm.

Or you could try out the time-tracking tools of Toggl.

Using an Automation Software

But don’t overdo it.

An automation software is a great tool in scheduling your posts in the future. However, you should only automate half of your social media updates, not all.

This type of software is often free for its baseline features. For more advanced tools, they carry fees.

Creating a Plan

Without a plan, you will fail.

By creating a strategy, you can accomplish what you want in a day. When you do create a plan, you should consider the people you are trying to reach and what social tactics would best fit your company goals.


It is about posting the content of others.

Curating is more of sharing the posts from others to make your social media account more interesting. This will not only help you save time, but it will also offer value to your audience.

The ideal mix may vary. However, your own content should represent more than 20 percent of your posts.

Or you can also try posting less frequently than you really need. This can definitely help you save time.

It is still possible to gain the benefits of marketing in social media when you reduce your posting volume.

However, if you start losing engagement, you might not have sufficient materials that are interesting enough to meet your audience’s needs.

Then, republish 10 percent of your content. It will not annoy your readers or followers. Most of them might not have seen your initial post.

While a few of them might have seen it twice, even if you repost it several times.

But when you republish your content, make sure that you’re only reposting your best content. Then, republish it at different times.

Using social media monitoring

Experts recommend searching for mentions about your organization. But doing so manually can consume a lot of time. So, why not automate it?

Automated social media monitoring is more thorough and it produces detailed measurement data.

Final Thoughts

Marketing in social media can easily drain away your time. That is if you’re not careful. With these tips, you can use your time in a more efficient and effective manner. Let “work smarter” be your guiding principle when doing social media marketing.

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