How to prevent your iPhone from slowing down

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How to prevent your iPhone from slowing down

Apple has admitted that they have purposely slowed your phone down. Yes, of course, I mean your iPhone – the good news is that the changes were not simply your imagination! Speaking out across more than one , Apple says the process began in 2016 as a measure to extend the life of iPhones. Cold conditions or high current demands can cause a lithium-ion battery to degrade over time, resulting in a gadget shutting down completely. As a result, Apple launched a software update targeted at lowering the amount of pressure iPhones can put on the battery in the first place to prevent them from shutting down at random.

However, Apple overlooked the crucial step of making it crystal clear to tens of millions of iPhone users that an invisible boot would slam on the brakes as the battery aged. It also failed to provide those iPhone owners with the opportunity to turn off the throttling if they wanted their phone to run at the speeds they expected, regardless of the trade-offs. And it didn’t seem to consider that replacing an old battery would be the best answer.

Battery Health is divided into two categories. The first is Maximum Capacity, which represents the battery’s condition. This will be 100 per cent on newer handsets but less on older handsets (which also implies it won’t last as long between charges). If it’s less than 80%, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen under Peak Performance Capability, indicating that the battery is badly degraded and providing a link to Apple’s battery replacement choices.

Peak Performance Capability is just below Maximum Capacity. This is where you’ll find out whether or not your phone is being slowed down. iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone SE are all affected. If your device is slowed down, the word Disable will be underlined in blue in the grey text beneath Peak Performance Capability. Tap this to stop it from slowing down. It’s worth mentioning, though, that once you select Disable, you won’t be able to re-enable the option manually. Instead, you’ll have to wait till the iPhone goes down suddenly again and the software begins to slow it down.

Location Services

Many apps require location services. If Google Maps is unable to locate you, it will not be able to guide you home. Without GPS information, ride-sharing apps can’t track a ride in real-time. However, these location services do not have to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Conduct a location permissions audit if your iPhone is running slowly. Check which apps use location services, which apps can be turned off altogether, and which apps can be converted to While Using the App rapidly.


Malware is one of the most concerning causes of a sluggish iPhone. While not as vulnerable to rogue apps as Android devices, iPhones can still be infected with malware, albeit this is highly unusual. Malware infestation is far more likely on jailbroken iPhones. AVG Mobile Security for iPhone & iPad is a powerful and lightweight cybersecurity product explicitly designed for iOS that will help your iPhone perform faster and more smoothly.


A brighter screen consumes more energy, which could be the reason for your iPhone’s slowdown. You don’t have to switch to full night mode, but a minor tweak could help speed up a sluggish iPhone. If you want to speed up your iPhone, switch off the motion effects in the settings. Reduced motion settings may have an impact on autoplay videos and the user interface experience in some apps.


Do you think you took a million pictures today? Do you have huge video files from a WhatsApp group chat that you’re not aware of? Is your iPhone running slow because you need to uninstall bloatware or garbage files? It’s time to brush up on your iPhone cleaning skills. Begin with uninstalling any unneeded photographs or movies, and then move on to remove any unused apps or bloatware. Getting rid of this excess weight will help your iPhone run much faster. It’s important to remember that hiding an app on an iPhone does not save any storage.

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