How to Pass the P&G Peak Performance Assessment and become an employee of Procter & Gamble?

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How to Pass the P&G Peak Performance Assessment and become an employee of Procter & Gamble?

In order to make sure that its offices and facilities in 80 countries, especially more so in the United States, are supplied with the best employees that it can find, Procter & Gamble requires a constant influx of many bright-eyed and aspiring professionals to join its ranks in order to ensure that its brand of excellence and quality is never compromised.

From persuasive salespersons to creative designers to analytical engineers and many other occupations, it is very likely that P&G has a job opportunity that it can offer to you.

However, If you’re interested in joining the company, you need to know that it’ll take more than just a shiny resume and good interview skills in order to land that dream of yours that appeared in one of their many listings.

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In fact, you will be made to take, and online first before your application is entertained or before you are referred to the other parts of the hiring process.

So if you really want to have a good chance of landing that dream job of yours, you will need to understand what is the online P&G Peak Performance Assessment and how you can prepare for it so that you can be seen as THE best choice for the company to hire.

1) This is not your run-of-the-mill personality test

While the P&G Peak Performance test is seen as such, you should not treat it as such.

Instead of it being a personality test that seeks to see how helpful, sociable, or hard working you are, this is a highly curated assessment which seeks just how compatible your behavior, personality, and even work ethic is with that of a bonafide Procter & Gamble employee.

This means that instead of checking if you’re someone that can be a ‘pal’ to everyone at the office, it aims to gauge if you are someone that already has, or can adjust their workplace attitude with, the P&G core principles.

According to the company itself it is used “in order to fully and fairly consider how well your personal profile matches our needs.”

If you do well here, only then will you be allowed to take the other P&G assessments, which is a whole other matter.

2) It is curated to measure how well the candidate fits the P&G Peak Performance Factors

As with every exam out there, the first thing that you and every other applicant has to do in order to overcome a test, is to know its contents and do your best to memorize everything that you can possibly know about it.

But since the P&G Peak Performance personality test does not follow the conventional ‘right or wrong’ answer format, this may be a little bit tricky.

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This is because the P&G personality test will come in the form of a self-assessment or survey type exam where you will instead be given a statement, that secretly has an assigned quality or trait value to it, and you are tasked with inputting your agreement or disagreement to it according to a five-point likert-like scale.

These answers will help the company know how compatible you are with its performance factors, which are:

  • Lead with Courage
  • Innovate for Growth
  • Champion Productivity
  • Execute with Excellence
  • Bring out our Best

Depending on the position that you are applying for, one or a few of the factors will be given preference or focus while the others will be of trivial-to-little importance.

3) It has a safeguard in place to prevent ‘cheating’

When it comes to personality tests, the common applicant would think that merely picking the most positive of all statements and agreeing to all of them will land them the job.

After all, the five performance factors are all technically all ‘positive’ traits, right? So this means that you can just respond in the affirmative and then you’ll be seen as the best candidate to hire, right?

Unfortunately, this is wrong, and doing so may very well cost you your only chance at P&G.

Knowing that there will be candidates who will try and take advantage of this assessment format, the P&G Peak Performance Assessment was designed to warn its assessors on if the applicant has been purposefully manipulating or choosing too many positive, neutral, or extreme choices in the test.

To make things worse, even if you weren’t intending to do this, the algorithm will not take that into consideration and it will merely flag your profile as ‘potentially fraudulent’ or ‘purposefully manipulated’.

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Furthermore, even if you manage to put in a ‘valid’ profile for the company to examine, your results will be compared with that of the other candidates, and it should go without saying that the one who did better, no matter how marginally small, will be given preferential treatment.

This is the main reason why the P&G Peak Performance personality test requires a lot of preparation even though it is only the first assessment that you have to take from P&G and so early in the hiring process as well.

As a result, it would be a good idea to make good use of any online resources and P&G Peak Performance Assessment practice tests so that you’ll be able to know the ins-and-outs of the exam and to figure out which statements and qualities are valued for the specific job position that you are applying for.

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