How to Know What Your Audience Wants to Boost Social Media Engagements?

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You don’t have to be a software geek or a media maven to help you boost your social engagements. You just need to know your audience so you can connect with them in human level.  

How to Know What Your Audience Wants to Boost Social Media Engagements?

How to Know What Your Audience Wants to Boost Social Media Engagements?

Knowing What Your Audience Wants

Whether they’re college graduates or fashionistas, your audience wants to be acknowledged and valued.

People don’t go to your site or social media account to buy something. Thus, you need to have an understanding of these people and let them know that you understand them and care about their suggestions.

That said, you should compliment your users. For instance, if they’ve mentioned your brand about their choices, accomplishments or birthdays, you must reply to them and greet them a happy birthday (or whatever accomplishments or occasions they’re celebrating).

Don’t allow your social pages to be littered with several unanswered questions from your customers or audience. But this is a huge problem if you’re using scheduler to post updates for your brand.

Nevertheless, you should take as much time as you need to answer your followers’ questions.

Making it Happen

The social aspect of social media is to give your fans insights about your company.

Posting behind-the-scenes images is a great way to do that.

It’s also ideal to give your audience announcements that they could never find from other channels.

Then, go to channels where your potential clients are more likely to engage with your brand.

One great example is how Dorito’s switched to Facebook. When they did, they’ve surpassed their previous records of gaining shares, likes and comments.

You should also learn how your clients are using your product. Encourage them to post images of them using your product and use a relevant hashtag when they post them.

Of course, your fans should be rewarded. For example, winners will be featured in your next ad.

Even though those auto-tweets will help you save time in posting updates, you should not use them to replace your social interaction with your fans. Instead, use them to supplement your campaigns on social media.

Connect with People with the Same Interest

Your audience wants to connect with people who have the same interest as theirs. You can do so by encouraging them to be actively involved. For instance, you can ask them what make them feel valued and use that information for your next social media campaign.

Integrate your campaign to other target users by not solely focusing on one demographic. Make sure that your brand or campaign appeals to pet lovers, travel buffs, foodies, and so on and so forth.

Creating unique hashtag and engaging with your audience to share images of them using the hashtag you’ve suggested.

Rewarding Your Audience

This is essential but it doesn’t always mean giving them discounts or coupons for giving them likes or comments.

If you have an eBook, you should consider offering it for free to your, say, Facebook users.

The giveaways shouldn’t cost you anything. You can give your audience like a cheat sheet or a checklist. These pieces are always appreciated by your fans.

What do You Think?

What are your steps in knowing what your audience wants? Are these strategies applicable to your brand? Let us know your thoughts.

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