How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement Level

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The degree of engagement in social media is a number you can directly influence on a daily basis.

You can control social media engagement level, provided that the right resources to pursue it are available, unlike sentiment and volume.


Social media engagement level is the measurement of mentions you engage with on social media as opposed to those social mentions you only come by. For example, when you have 100 brand mentions on social media and engage only with 20, the engagement level is 20 percent. In addition, a lot of people frequently adjust their calculations.

An adjusted social media engagement level allows for posts you may intentionally decide not to take part in. That may mean that 60 of those social mentions were spam messages, a personal conversation, or a thread you have no business interest with to just barge in. For that reason, your adjusted engagement level would be 80 percent. The outstanding percentage accounts for the potential discussions you overlooked.

social media engagement level

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Why Use It

Salesforce says mapping engagement level to volume, share of conversation, and share of voice is an outstanding way to contend for your social media engagement campaign. Do you create content with high shares, likes, and comments? Will you generate more conversions if your engagement level is higher? Higher engagement means creating, building, and reinforcing relationships in your community. Constructing these relationships using a strong, active, tactical engagement strategy will help your team see results expand to other areas in the business.

How To Improve It

Social media engagement level will gauge your performance on the platform by telling you how you have been doing in terms of building your community. Do you create and open opportunities for conversations? Do you make the most of these opportunities? How far away are you from 100 percent social media engagement and how do you intend to reach that point? Consider these different methods and techniques to share your content to invite exchanges.

— Ask questions to people who share your content.

— Reach out to the community for practically all brand mentions.

— Provide extra help if someone asks a question relate to your brand.

— Ask questions and prepare if people answer back to these questions.

— Remember to say “Thank You” for every mention you get.

These five tips will help increase your social media engagement level and get you to work on building a strong relationship with your community, and gain brand loyalty.


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